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FAON Theme by Hedone Design with Ring-Style Navigation


Hedone Design have a cool new theme out that is based on four predefined icons which gives you access to the most common applications: messages, calendar, phone and browser. The theme also features a small, two-line Today Preview. In addition to the four icons on the homescreen, you can set an additional 6 user-defined icons. These icons are located in a central ring which you navigate vertically. The battery and signal meters are conveniently located on either side of the central ring, making this theme very unique and efficient with screen real estate.

Check out the FAON theme in the BlackBerryCool Store.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, wrong coupon code. This one is for a different theme by Temas. Check it out for 20 free copies.

Premium Rainbow BlackBerry Theme by Hedone Design


HedoneDesign have a new theme called Rainbow that features 6 user customizable icons (8 on the Storm), as well as 4 predefined icons (3 for the Storm), as well as a Today Preview and WeatherBug slot. This theme is very wallpaper friendly but I recommend sticking to the rainbow background. It reminds me of some of the preloaded wallpapers from BlackBerry but with a rainbow color scheme.

More information about the Rainbow Theme available in the BlackBerryCool Store.

Explicit Premium BlackBerry Theme from Hedone


Hedone let us know they have released their latest theme called Explicit. The theme looks particularly cool on a Storm, but it’s available for most BlackBerrys including trackball and trackpad. This theme comes with 10 customizable icons, as well a clean homescreen making it ideal for use with your own wallpapers.

For more information, check out Explicit in the BlackBerryCool store.

Love&Passion BlackBerry Theme by Hedone Design


The Love&Passion theme by Hedone Designs features 6 custom icons, and a big heart in the center that serves as a battery and signal meter. Even though Valentine’s Day is over, this theme is still worth checking out.

The Love&Passion theme is on sale for $4.99 until March 7th.

Winter Olympics BlackBerry Theme from HedoneDesign



The Winter Olympics have had a few hiccups this year, but for the most part its been fun. Personally, I’m hoping Team Canada plays Team Russia in hockey because it will be intense. HedoneDesign have a theme to help celebrate the games, with a wallpaper friendly background so you can sport your favorite team or athlete.

More information available in the BlackBerry Cool Store.

Metalic BlackBerry Theme with Built-in Battery and Signal Alerts



HedoneDesign have a new theme out called Metalic. I’ve installed it and the icon design is really working for me. Personally, I’ve always loved the original OS 5 style icons best as they’re so easy to recognize, and this theme has a similar aesthetic.

Metalic features hidden icons, homescreen dimming (toggled with space and escape keys) and according to HedoneDesign, speed and longer battery life were the foundation of this new design. Other features include:

  • A low battery warning appears on the homescreen when your battery is below 20% capacity.
  • If there are signal problems, a warning signal appears on the homescreen.

This theme is a little on the pricey side but with the coupon code MHD20 you get 20% off. Check them out in the BlackBerry Cool Store.