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Tips for reducing BES administration stress


StressA reader just let us know about a Zenprise report they were going over, which included some crazy numbers about e-mail and stress in the workplace.

The survey found that 36% of respondents indicated that their job is ‘stressful’ or ‘extremely stressful’. However, when email is down, 74% of respondents indicated that their job is ‘stressful’ or ‘extremely stressful’. Only air traffic controllers and police officers were viewed as having jobs more stressful than that of an IT administator whose email system is down!

Wow. Respect to the IT admins out there who are dealing with stress levels comparable to that of cops. The report had a few pointers that might help keep that blood pressure down, like “be ready to assemble a cross-functional SWAT team to quickly resolve BlackBerry issues” and “consistently monitor & audit your Active Directory infrastructure”.

Thanks, Chris!

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How to get alerts while BlackBerry is holstered


PDAStreet just let us in on a tip they found on how to ensure you’re still getting your e-mail alerts if your device is holstered. It’s just a quick setting switch, but if you’ve been having trouble, you wouldn’t know where to look anyhow.

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Want a free crash course in BlackBerry e-mail? Read this.


There’s a great, well-explained article on PCAuthority that lays out the broad strokes of BIS, BES, NOCs and push e-mail that’s useful to anyone trying to figure out what’s happening behind the scenes. Winder and Ockenden take the time to explain how to set up a BIS account to receive e-mails as fast as BES, as well as comparing Windows Mobile’s services against RIM’s. Not only is it a read that can give you some practical hints, but for those of us who aren’t entirely in the know, it feels good to have the backend technology demystified a bit.

Bacon on BlackBerry: Ringtones, trackballs and Outlook (oh my!)


It’s been a long time since we’ve seen an update from Magmic‘s BlackBerry guru, Jeff Bacon, but that’s because he’s been hard at work this summer with Bacon family barbeques in his backyard plunging the depths of RIM’s inner sanctum looking for answers to your most pressing questions. So sit back and take a load off, as our BlackBerry expert regales you with stories of glowing trackballs and the dreaded ‘red X’. Oooh, spooky.

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BlackBerry Etiquette: What not to put in an email


All BlackBerry users live and die with their email. But how can we know that the messages we’re sending project the proper image about us and are having their desired effect? Thankfully, the folks over at CIO have put together a great list of recommendations to make sure that you have a handle on your email. Here’s some of what they had to say about being concise on your BlackBerry:

People don’t want to write long messages on BlackBerrys — or read them. How can you deal with this fact of life? Booher’s first rule: “These messages are just as legal as anything else. If you give information that’s inaccurate or wrong, it’s just as likely to be used in court.”

Be particularly careful about identifying who you’re talking about and what question you are addressing in these brief missives, Booher suggests. “It’s extremely important to learn to be complete and clear while being concise. The skill of being able to summarize well is even more important on a BlackBerry.”

We’ve got CIO’s Top Ten list of things not to put in your email after to jump, but make sure you check out the full article as well - it’s a great read.

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One more Mac tethering solution


AppleAfter reading our post yesterday about a tethering to a Mac to a BlackBerry, Tom at Enterprise Mac has one more way of doing the job that he’s been using since May. He’s confirmed the process to work on a BlackBerry 8800 on the T-Mobile network, and we encourage any other Mac users in the house to give it a shot. It looks like it would take some work to get done, pasting scripts, and tweaking configuration, but the majority of testers claim successful tethering. Thanks to Fibble forum admin, Grant, for writing up the script!

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