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BlackBerry Solutions Guide 2007-2008 available for download


Solutions GuideRobb over at RIMmarkable has found a hefty reference for anyone looking for a few new tricks on your BlackBerry. The guide categorizes some 616 alliance members’ software solutions, for easy lookup and information. After a quick sign-up, you can download the 273-meg behemoth, but for the lighter readers there’s a web-based viewer too. This is a great reference for anyone looking to fill a particular task with their BlackBerry. We tend to keep an eye on new ISV additions, but now you get to see ‘em all in the same place. You can find both the download and web viewer at RIM’s site.

Web-based ringtone conversion


CellseaBlackBerrySync dug up a handy little web app by Cellsea which lets you upload audio files right from your desktop or through an existing URL, and cut it up for BlackBerry ringtoney goodness. Best of all? Free! There’s already over 20,000 ringtones uploaded by users, for your browsing pleasure. I gave the thing a shot and it hunky-dory. For quick and dirty ringtones, this is a great solution.

Corporate BlackBerry outage survival


PadlockBlackouts aren’t exactly regular occurrences, but one is enough to make companies start considering contingency plans and preventative measures. Informatica Security has written up a set of reasonable guidelines for keeping the gears turning when BlackBerrys aren’t up and running. The big four points for minimizing damage from an outage are:

1. Quantify the criticality of Blackberry service reliability and uptime before committing resources.
2. Identify alternative methods for secure e-mail retrieval.
3. Ensure that IT personnel actively monitor critical resources.
4. Include Blackberry service disruption in the Business Continuity Plan.

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BlackBerry 8300 Bluetooth — Files, Pictures, & Stereo Headphones


BlackBerry Curve bluetooth

As part of BlackBerry Cool’s quest to bring our readers the most in-depth coverage of the latest BlackBerry devices, we commissioned infamous “RogersDude69” to breakdown the BlackBerry 8300’s Bluetooth functionality, which unlike most BlackBerrys, isn’t crippled more than a one-legged pirate with termites. Although, as RogersDude69 is quick to point out, the experience isn’t always the best.

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Don’t text and drive. Duh.


washington.png Washington will slap you with a $101 fine for texting while driving. Not quite jail, but it’s a start. While it’s probably more of a temptation for Pearl users who can one-hand it, any QWERTY-pad thumbers out there actually try to write e-mails while they drive? The motion passed by 90-8, and is being proceeded by a motion to make hands-free functions mandatory to make any calls while in a car. Good thing we’ve got some of those kicking around. Gotta wonder who those other 8 speakers were.

Work from home next Friday!


telecommute.jpg A UK initiative called WorkWise, is gearing up for Work Wise Week, in an effort to promote healthier home-work balance and lifestyle choices. Specifically, next Friday is their National Work from Home Day.

Living in the national capital of Canada, I’ve heard plenty from grumbling government employees who are forced to keep their BBs active up until 11 PM. Using our little devices to “work smarter” (as Work Wise suggests) instead of working harder is surely a direction that diehard BlackBerry users should consider.

This might be a UK-based event, but maybe we can hop the bandwagon on this side of the pond. BlackBerrys can facilitate telecommuting – why not take advantage of that?