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HipVoice bringing cross carrier push-to-talk to BlackBerry for $10/month. Wow.


I feel bad for all those poor souls that have locked themselves into Sprint/Nextel for push-to-talk functionality, only to wait an average of three years for new iDEN BlackBerrys. HipVoice is a cross carrier push-to-talk service that will soon be launching for BlackBerry. As the video shows above, not only does it work irrespective of your BlackBerry or carrier, subscribers will also be able to communicate with WinMo and Symbian devices (iPhone coming soon). Here are the different ways HipVoice can be used.

    UNICAST: Push-To-Talk one to one
    MULTICAST: Push-To-Talk one to many (Also to Walkie Talkies)
    CHANNEL: Push-To-Talk to anyone subscribed to the channel
    RICH MESSAGING: Text message users that are on or off-line

HipVoice is looking to charge $10/month for the service. Honestly, I’m not sure how they’re doing this, but sign me up. You can learn more about HipVoice at http://hipvoice.com.

|via BerryReview|