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Home Screen Icon Word Contest

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Ronen Halevy over at BerryReview.com is throwing a contest in which you spell something with your home screen icons. Many app icons proudly feature a single letter making this a clever contest for those who like styling their home screen. To have a shot at some Bplay gift cards, check out the contest details.

e-Mobile Today v. 2.0 and e-Mobile Today Professional Edition v. 2 for BlackBerry Reviewed!

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e-Mobile Today

I’ve been searching for an app that gives you the functionality of the Windows Mobile “today” screen, something that essentially briefs me on all of my appointments, missed calls, emails and text messages in one convenient place. Enter e-Mobile Today by E-Mobile Software, Inc.. This is one sharp looking app that’s packed with features. It allows you to do everything described above, without really requiring you to leave the application to remain up-to-date on things. If you find that the regular version is lacking, you can always go with e-Mobile Today Professional Edition which allows you to everything the regular version does, and more. In addition to offering more visual customization options, the professional edition offers all of the convenient launch points to multiple tasks - replying to e-mails and SMSs, calling people directly from the missed call log, creating new appointments, etc. - that you wouldn’t find in the standard version. You can even add a few expansion packs (weather, stocks, and news) to make your home screen more complete!

e-Mobile Today v. 2.0 and e-Mobile Today Professional Edition v. 2 for BlackBerry Review Quick Links


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How to crop, resize and set wallpapers on your BlackBerry

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BlackBerry Cool shirt

At the request of Mike, I’ve cooked up a few BlackBerry Cool wallpapers based off our very excellent BBCool t-shirt. We’ve got wallpapers for your Pearl, Curve, 8800-series, Bold, and even Kickstart, Javelin or 9500 if you happen to be packing one. Never changed your BlackBerry’s wallpaper? No problem - we’ll walk you through the steps to give your home screen a nice new look.

If you especially dig BBCool, we’ve also got a few desktop wallpapers to chose from. Want another size? Leave a comment!

BlackBerry Cool wallpapers and instructions behind the jump!

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