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Hootsuite Updated With Facebook Places, Foursquare and Twitter Locations



Hootsuite has been a long awaited BlackBerry app by many because of its great ability to manage so many different social networking accounts. The beta app has been decent but the app still needs some work. Performance enhancements and some UI work could go a long way to making this app a must-have. With the most recent update, Hootsuite has added:
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2010 Canadian New Media Awards Winners Include Hootsuite and Polar Mobile


canadian new media awards

While the 2010 Canadian New Media Awards may not be totally relevant to BlackBerry users, there are a couple Canadian companies you may recognize from the mobile space including Hootsuite and Polar Mobile. Hootsuite won the Digital Media Technology of the Year award which recognizes a technology that will most radically change the media landscape. Polar Mobile took home the Promising New Company of the Year award that recognizes a Canadian new media company that is “up and coming”. Hit the jump for the full list.
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Hootsuite for BlackBerry Now Available as Public Beta


hootsuite for blackberry beta

Hootsuite is an incredibly popular desktop app and the BlackBerry version has been long awaited. The app is now free and in public beta so give it a try. Hootsuite for BlackBerry gives you the ability to update both Facebook and Twitter, plus on-board stats, scheduling and the other core HootSuite web features you rely upon. Other features of Hootsuite for BlackBerry include:

  • Manage multiple social identities and networks
  • Receive optional background notifications for updates
  • Create custom views for tags and searches
  • Schedule messages to send in the future
  • Share and store photos & files
  • Shorten URLs with built-in Ow.ly tool

Go to hootsuite.com/blackberry to download the public beta. The company has done a great job of supporting a wide variety of BlackBerrys including including OS 4.2.1, 4.5, 4.6, 5.0, and 6.0 – and it’s even touch-enabled where possible.

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Hootsuite Releases Screenshots of Upcoming BlackBerry App


hootsuite screenshots

Hootsuite is an app that was meant for BlackBerry and RIM should take a cue from their ability to manage multiple accounts at once. One of the coolest features of BlackBerry 6 is the ability to get an aggregate feed (Social Feeds) of Facebook, Twitter and RSS, but the problem is that the native clients don’t support some of the basic functionality of these social networks. With Twitter for BlackBerry, you can’t use multiple accounts and with Facebook for BlackBerry, you can’t manage pages. With Hootsuite for web, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, which according to the screenshot on the far right, Hootsuite for BlackBerry will be able to as well.

Sign up for the Hootsuite Beta here.

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Hootsuite for BlackBerry Now Accepting Beta Testers


hootsuite owl

SocialScope is a great application because it gives you access to several accounts in one application. Hootsuite gives similar utility in that it allows you to access several accounts from your desktop in a single web app. Today, the company sent out a newsletter with a “BlackBerry Notes” section at the bottom that read:

Finally, fans of RIM’s Blackberry phones can almost…. finally begin Hoot-ing since HootBerry is just about ready for beta release. To get on-board for early access, simply sign up at: http://ow.ly/2aRUx and you’ll be among the first to try the new tool.

Of course the company won’t be naming the application HootBerry, as that would conflict with the vendor agreement on App World. Unless they never plan to distribute using App World which would be a little silly. If anyone gets accepted to the Beta, let us know what you think! Use the above ow.ly link to find the beta registration form.

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