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How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS Software 2010 Version



Since Simon first published How To Upgrade Your BlackBerry OS, there have been a ton of updates and questions from BlackBerry Cool readers, so I thought it would be good to republish with new tips and put everything on a single page.
Get started with your BlackBerry software upgrade behind the jump!

How to buy a new BlackBerry flow chart


new BlackBerry flow chart
Click the pic to make it bigger.

I really enjoyed the Inside BlackBerry blog’s latest How To post. It’s called the Ole Switcheroo and it involves transferring your email to a new device.

Although the How To is something most BlackBerry users are very familiar with, Mark points out a cool flow chart I’ve never seen before in the BlackBerry Technical Solution Center.

Before selling, or after buying, a previously owned BlackBerry smartphone, there are important steps to take to make sure that personal information is kept secure and that the BlackBerry smartphone will function properly for the purchaser. The above diagram outlines the necessary steps to take before selling or after purchasing a previously owned BlackBerry.



How to set up your BlackBerry as a drive on your PC (ASK JOE)


“My Blackberry won’t show up on my PC Explorer as a drive.”

Chances are that this option is just disabled. You can check by going to Options then Memory. Make sure that Mass Storage Mode Support is set to “On” and Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected is set to Prompt or Yes. If for some reason these options are enabled then we may need to have a follow up question and answer. Let us know if this works for you in the comments.

Thanks for the question Steve B.


(This answer was provided by the Ask BlackBerry Joe column. If you have a BlackBerry question, leave it for me in the comments.)

How to disable your BlackBerry backlight in Media Player (ASK JOE)


“Now that I can import iTunes playlists and album graphics to my Bold, how do I stop the backlight from turning off during playback when the unit is plugged in to power? Best I can find is 2:00 minutes. Help!”

You do have the ability to disable this option. If you go into Media Player options (Media icon> Menu > Options) and set the “Turn Off Auto Backlighting” option to No, your backlight will stay on while the Media Player is operating. Unfortunately you will have to disable this option if you are just running on battery because it will drain your battery very quickly.

Thanks for the question MDMcKelvie.


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How to increase your typing speed with BlackBerry Autotext


It’s Monday and you’ve got a long week ahead of you. The economy is in shambles but it’s in hard times that one’s true character shows. So now it’s time to start pumping out emails like never before. To do this, Nan has written a simple guide to using BlackBerry Autotext.

One way I have found to triple the speed of my typing is by adding words to my autotext. Here is how to add words and shortcuts as well as a list that I currently am using. Do you have some good ones that I should know about? Please share in the comments!

To access autotext, go to Options (usually wrench icon) > Autotext > New

pls = please

ty = thank you

gm = good morning

gn = good night

xmas = Christmas

mp = my pleasure

yw = you’re welcome

sa = San Antonio

bb = BlackBerry

hb = happy birthday

Thanks Nan!

[Via Nan Palmero | BlackBerry Power User]


How to: tether your Linux notebook to your BlackBerry


Ever wanted to tether your Linux notebook to your BlackBerry? Me neither, but I have wanted to tether my MacBook to my BlackBerry, and considering the difficulties getting that done, I can sympathize with an even more marginalized demographic.

Interested Linux users will need to download Barry, an open source application that not only allows you to tether your BlackBerry to your Linux notebook, but also provides synchronization, backup and restore and program management options. Here’s a full list of Barry’s services:

    * charge your Blackberry’s battery from your USB port
    * retrieve Address Book, Email, Calendar, Service Book, Memos, Tasks, PIN Messages, Saved Email, and Folders
    * export Address Book contacts in text or LDAP LDIF format
    * make full data backups and restores of your device using a GUI
    * synchronize contacts and calendar items using the OpenSync framework
    * use the Blackberry as a modem

To download Barry and find instructions on how to get started, click the link below.

Barry – BlackBerry synchronization for Linux

|via Ostatic|