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Top Paid BlackBerry 10 RPG: Song of Swords Launches on BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet


Nautilus Mobile, maker of Song of Swords for BlackBerry 10 has decided to launch the game on the BlackBerry PlayBook OS. Already the top Paid BlackBerry 10 RPG on BlackBerry World, this new tablet version should draw even more users.

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SXSW: HP ePrint – Fully Integrated to BlackBerry First



To survive South by Southwest (SXSW) 2011, I needed mobile apps. Whether I was sampling a new group chat option, sharing contacts through Twitter or just checking an online map for directions I relied heavily on mobile apps. And so did just about everyone else, as evidenced by all of the chins stuck to chests with lighted faces. But for those of us with BlackBerry smartphones, the new and promoted apps at this event were mostly out of our reach. I lost track of how many new mobile app companies who said, “it’s available on [x], but BlackBerry is on the roadmap…”.
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HP Accuses RIM of Immitating TouchPad Design on PlayBook


HP touchpad and PlayBook

HP seems like they’re picking a fight with RIM over the similarities in UI design between the TouchPad and the PlayBook. Both tablets manage apps as cards, allowing you to swipe between them as they run in the background. Both tablets also have similar swipe gestures, allowing you to swipe apps off the screen. When both companies were asked to comment on the issue, things got pretty passive aggressive.
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More Takeover Rumors: Cisco Could Buy Research in Motion?


cisco blackberry takeover

Analysts are all over the place with takeover rumors and the most recent is from a UBS analyst who says RIM could be the target of a takeover by Cisco. According to analyst Phillip Huang, Cisco and RIM have more synergies than with Microsoft, and a takeover could happen if RIM’s stock gets low enough.

“Though we see RIM facing many challenges, we see timing of (the) impact of some as overstated and believe material share devaluation from current levels make RIM a potential M & A (merger and acquisition) target,” Huang wrote in a research note.
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RIM Tried Buying Palm for Patents Alongside Apple, Nokia and Google


There is a rumor that RIM tried to purchase Palm alongside Apple, Nokia, Google and of course HP. HP eventually won the deal for $1.2 billion. According to the SF Gate, RIM basically had the deal in its hands and “had to work incredibly hard to blow it,” says their source. source recalls. RIM initially came in higher than HP, but HP upped its bid, our source says.

While Palm may have had some patents that would be beneficial to RIM, the idea of acquiring the company for the WebOS or integrating the WebOS on a BlackBerry seems highly unlikely. WebOS lacks the security that is fundamental to RIM’s business, although from a consumer perspective it may be cool.

In terms of improving on the OS, it’s better to look at the QNX acquisition. QNX is a company based in Ottawa (BlackBerryCool.com HQ) and there are several people close to the company who say the acquisition has little to do with automotive integration, and more to do with developing a next-generation OS. Remember, QNX’s core business is “middleware, development tools, realtime operating system software and services for superior embedded design.” Lets hope that they can help RIM develop an OS that puts many of the developer and consumer frustrations to rest.

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RIM and HP announce strategic alliance and revolutionary initiatives



HP and RIM have announced they are establishing a strategic alliance to deliver a portfolio of solutions for enterprise. The solutions, which include support for BES 5.0, are focused on increasing service levels, reducing operations costs and improving productivity for customers.

HP will be demonstrating these new solutions, HP CloudPrint and HP Operations Manager, at WES so I’ll be sure to keep you updated.
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