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RIM Introduces the BlackBerry Bold 9780 Featuring BlackBerry 6


blackberry bold 9780

The BlackBerry Bold 9780 is official and the biggest selling feature for this device is the better camera, additional Flash memory and of course, BlackBerry 6. Considering there doesn’t seem to be much new with this device and the differentiation with the 9700 isn’t all that great, initial price points do seem a little high. Features of the device include:

  • Premium design and finish
  • Brilliant, high resolution color display (480 x 360 pixels, 2.44” diagonal measurement) with support for over 65,000 colors
  • HSDPA support (3.6 Mbps)
  • Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi with UMA support (802.11 b/g)
  • 5 MP camera (JPEG Encoding, CMOS) with Auto focus, Image stabilization, Flash and 2X Digital Zoom.
  • 512 MB Flash, microSDHC memory card slot (up to 32 GB)
  • 624 MHz processor
  • BlackBerry 6, the new operating system for BlackBerry smartphones which includes:
  • Crisp, more immersive visuals, including new icons, graphics and animations
  • New WebKit browser; it’s high-fidelity and very efficient, with tabbed browsing
  • Graphical, context-sensitive pop-up menus
  • Redesigned core apps, plus a new multimedia UI and new apps for downloading podcasts, watching YouTube videos, and integrating RSS and social networking feeds

The Bold 9780 is going to be available from various carriers beginning in November, and we have learned already that T-Mobile will offer the device November 17 for $129.99 with a two-year contract and after a $50 mail-in rebate.

More details available from RIM.

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Improving mobile network speeds from an end user perspective



EDITORS NOTE: This article was provided by Flash Networks to demonstrate how their optimization techniques speed up mobile browsing.

Only one-third of mobile Internet users are satisfied with the user experience. Speed of response is the number one complaint. As a result, operators are continuously competing to advertise the fastest download rates and invest significant resources in upgrading their networks. How much of this investment is really reflected in the end user experience?

Available bandwidth vs. actual speed

Research conducted in the UK in June 2009 by broadband benchmarking firm, Epitiro, revealed that the average download rate in high speed networks (HSDPA) in the UK is just under 1 Mbit/s (0.9 Mbit/s, to be exact), only 24% of the advertised download speed and 34% slower than speeds achieved on equivalent ADSL broadband services.

While bandwidth dramatically increases as networks evolve, website download time is not reduced to the same extent. In a comparison of HSDPA 7.2 with HSDPA 3.6, download time was reduced by only 6% (based on lab results from large Asia Pacific mobile operator), demonstrating that bandwidth is not the main bottleneck anymore.
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BlackBerry Bold in New Zealand retails for $1,199


BlackBerry Bold smartphone

Telecom New Zealand and RIM have announced the BlackBerry Bold will be available on Telecom New Zealand’s XT Mobile Network from 29th May 2009. The good news is that the Bold will be running on XT’s HSDPA high-speed mobile network. The not so good news is that the device will cost $1,199.

Personally, I’m not one to comment on device price and there are a few reasons. Although the Bold sells to many consumers, it is still a device for executives. An executive isn’t going to blink at $1,200 for a powerful mobile tool. Another reason not to comment on price is that if someone is willing to pay the price, can it be considered overpriced? At some price level you optimize sales, and I’m going to give RIM and Telecom New Zealand’s economists the benefit of the doubt and assume this is where that optimization point is.

More Rogers BlackBerry Storm 9520 images appear


Just after Christmas last month, we posted some internal Rogers documents showcasing the BlackBerry Storm 9520, a GSM Storm variant that will feature 3G HSDPA and Wi-Fi. It appears now that the Storm 9520 is starting to peak out into public copy, as indicated by the image above. The image, sent to us by ‘Rogers Dude’ (but not RogersDude69 for some reason) appears to be part of a marketing package, meaning the Storm 9520 can’t be that far away if its on copy being sent out to stores.

Obviously, we have no release date yet for the BlackBerry Storm 9520, but we’ll see what our friends from Rogers can do.


100 million new UMTS subscribers in past year


3G Americas, a wireless industry trade association, is reporting that UMTS/HSPA technology has grown in a big way over the past year, adding over 100 million subscriptions in the twelve months ending in Q3 2008.

“As evidenced by the subscriber growth numbers, the GSM family of technologies continues to provide the four key ingredients for mobile wireless success: Coverage, Technology Performance, Devices and Applications,” stated Chris Pearson, President of 3G Americas. “The UMTS/HSPA mobile broadband technology achieved a total of 262 million subscriptions at the end of September 2008, continuing in its ranking as the leader in high speed mobile broadband technology worldwide.”

To date, there are 39 commercial UMTS/HSPA networks in the Americas region in 19 countries. Worldwide, there are more than 256 commercial UMTS/HSPA networks in over 100 countries. Without these networks, our BlackBerry Bolds Around the Word map (which is in sore need of an update) would be a lot less full.

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BlackBerry Magnum to appear at WES 2009?


BlackBerry Magnum

Jinkies, it looks like we weren’t totally sniffing the wrong tree when we pointed to 2009 as a possibility for a touchscreen BlackBerry on Rogers. Both BGR and BlackBerry News have posted today about a previously unseen BlackBerry that is reported to make an appearance at WES 2009: the BlackBerry Magnum.

So what exactly is the BlackBerry Magnum? Apparently only a U.S. HSDPA, BlackBerry Curve 8900 form factor with a BlackBerry Storm-like touchscreen. Which, although exciting, kind of sounds like a souped-up Palm Treo. Anyways, the amount of BlackBerrys RIM is looking to release is making my head spin. We’ll tell you more as we learn it.

(via BBNews, BGR)