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CNBC Panel on BlackBerry Going Private: Who Would Buy?


It’s interesting to note that the purchase of BlackBerry is so highly politicized. The CNBC panel mentioned the issue that since BlackBerry is so engrained in government and defence, the US probably wouldn’t let the Chinese purchase the company. The Canadian government, also being so heavily locked down in the company, probably also wouldn’t allow the purchase, although they have explicitly said they would be supportive of the company’s decisions. But even from a private perspective, it’s hard to think of a company that would have the power to really leverage BlackBerry and bring it to the 3rd smartphone position. The Koreans are doing well with Samsung and it’s not clear whether it makes sense for them either. Check out the full video after the break.
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What Happened? BlackBerry User Customer Satisfaction Versus iPhone


ChangeWave is a research company that we’ve had problems with in the past as their surveys tend to be skewed to the point where you wonder if they’re owned or influenced by Apple. We cover these surveys because we know BlackBerryCool readers are smart enough to read through the bias and take it all with a grain of salt. The good that comes from these surveys are the talking points.

ChangeWave’s latest Consumer Smart Phone survey covers the second half of 2010. The survey takes a look at demand for the new Apple iPhone 4 and the HTC Droid Incredible, along with the impact they are having on the rest of the smartphone industry. One of the more interesting parts of the survey includes the BlackBerry versus iPhone customer satisfaction survey.
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HTC Sense UI inspired BlackBerry theme by Elecite


Elecite are back with a new theme and this one is inspired by the HTC Sense UI. The theme is very attractive as well as interactive with tri-screen animations on all supported devices.

After downloading the theme, you’ll notice that sliding to the right brings up a dedicated media screen with pictures, music and media buttons and photos. Sliding to the left will display today section for calendar, call log and messages. These features make this theme great for those who use their BlackBerry media functionality to the fullest. Hitting the menu button will bring up a list of 5-6 quick-launch icons such as Options, MemoPad and so on.

Another favorite included in this theme is the dedicated weather slot in the middle and 4 customizable icons.

Hero is supported on BlackBerry Storm, Bold, 8900 and Tour and costs $6.99.

President of Rogers wireless claims Android will chip away at RIM dominance


Our Rogers ninja, RogersDude69, is reporting that Rogers has been giving their employees extra incentives to sell HTC Android devices. Apparently, Rogers is running internal contests where you sell 5 and get 1 free. While this isn’t necessarily news, and Rogers often runs these contests, it comes along with a recent statement from the president of Rogers Communications’ wireless business, Rob Bruce.

Rob Bruce, said he expects that phones with full slideout keyboards, as well as those based on Google’s Android operating system, will chip away at the dominance of RIM’s BlackBerry and Apple’s iPhone.

Speaking at an investor conference, Bruce said the so-called QWERTY slider devices made by manufacturers such as Samsung and LG Electronics “are peeling off the low end of the smartphone market right now and in effect putting pressure on that duopoly.”

He characterized Android-based phones that are making their way to store shelves as the “other major vector” in challenging RIM and Apple for dominance of the lucrative smartphone market.

BlackBerry Cool readers are well educated when it comes to the various operating systems out there. So I put the question to the readers:

Can RIM and BlackBerry learn anything from the Android platform?

In 5 years, BlackBerry or Android?



Top 10 selling smartphones in the US – BlackBerry dominates


BlackBerry Curve 8320

Research and consulting firm IDC have put together the top selling smartphones in the United States in the second quarter of this year. The list counts vendor sales to carriers and channels (sell-in) rather than sales to end users (sell-through). Further, these numbers are based on preliminary data; IDC will finalize its numbers at the end of this month.

RIM dominate the list holding the number 1 spot, as well as the 6th, 5th and 3rd. RIM’s device strategy, while it may frustrate developers in that it requires apps to be ported several times after development, it is definitely working from a sales perspective. In the end, RIM’s core business is to manufacture and sell smartphones, and in this regard they are clearly succeeding.

Click through for the Top 10 selling smartphones – Let the countdown begin

Free Hybrid theme for BlackBerry combines a plethora of devices



Zachriel, the developer behind the Gears of War theme for the Storm, has a new theme called Hybrid. The theme is a mix of looks from various smartphones including some iPhone-esque icons, Android meters and the HTC clock.

You can go to themestorm.net on your blackberry to download, or use the OTA below:

Hybrid (8 icons + WB) .151 compatible
OTA Hybrid Theme 8 icons + WB Mirror1 Mirror2

Variations are now available, all are .151 compatible.

1. Hybrid 0 Icons + WeatherBug Mirror1 Mirror2
2. Hybrid 4 Icons + WeatherBug Mirror1 Mirror2
3. Hybrid 12 Icons + WeatherBug Mirror1 Mirror2
4. Hybrid 16 Icons + WeatherBug Mirror1 Mirror2
5. Hybrid 0 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
6. Hybrid 4 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
7. Hybrid 8 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
8. Hybrid 12 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
9. Hybrid 16 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry Mirror1 Mirror2
10. Hybrid 4 Icons + WeatherBug + Hidden Today Mirror1 Mirror2
11. Hybrid 8 Icons + WeatherBug + Hidden Today Mirror1 Mirror2
12. Hybrid 4 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry + Hidden Today Mirror1 Mirror2
13. Hybrid 8 Icons + WeatherBug + MeterBerry + Hidden Today Mirror1 Mirror2