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Show Me the Images App Updated With BlackBerry 7 Support


Show Me the Images is a great app for anyone that finds themselves clicking “Get Images” in the menu system and instead wants some control over the process. The app lets you download images based on a safe list of e-mail addresses (default) or download no matter who the contact is. Show me the Images is still relevant in BlackBerrry 7 and you can download it for your device today.
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PhoneGap aims to increase development via open source platform


The mobile industry is abuzz over the news about major mobile platforms releasing their own application store. Developers are working very hard to push their latest projects into the hands of eager mobile users. But what has come apparent within the communities, as far as I know, is the gap between mobile platforms. One company trying to tackle this isssue is PhoneGap.

PhoneGap is an open source development tool under MIT license and proudly sponsored by Nitobi. The product is used for building fast and easy mobile applications using Javascript and HTML, while taking advantage of core features (GPS, sound, accelerometer, vibration) in the iPhone, Android and Blackberry devices.

“The purpose of PhoneGap is for PhoneGap to cease to exist.

Today, mobile development is a mess. Building applications for each device–iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile and so forth–requires a different development framework and programming language. As such, phones and other mobile devices have become second class citizens.

We aim to change that by enabling web technologies to work with native device features such as geo-location and accelerometers. In PhoneGap, we’re building a cross-platform framework for device-neutral mobile development.”

Being an open source project, PhoneGap is looking to get ambitious web and mobile developers, along with their respective communities, to help build what can potentially be a powerful tool for full-time developers, part-time developers and hobbyists.

As for why the need for PhoneGap, Ellis, PhoneGap’s founder said, “There are not a lot of Objective-C developers…” Objective-C is a primary language used to develop iPhone and Mac OS applications. “We’re all Web developers here,” Ellis said of Nitobi. “And there are more Web developers than Objective-C developers.”

Do you think PhoneGap could help boost development and the help the industry?

What limitations and benefits can you foresee developing with PhoneGap?


W3C releases new mobile web standards


Moses delivers mobile web standards to the chosen people

W3C publications can be downloaded in either .PDF or stone tablet.

Let’s face it, unless you’re rocking the BlackBerry Bold, browsing the web on your BlackBerry is usually a frightening experience: things don’t work, page formatting is often weird and some pages are just too damn big to download. Thankfully, the W3C, which develops guidelines for website standards, has published the details of new standards that will make it easier for people to browse the Web on mobile devices, hopefully ensuring that even low-end BlackBerry users won’t be left in the lurch.

Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 provides steps for content authors to face the challenges of hardware and software diversity, device constraints and bandwidth limitations. In addition, the W3C has also released a XHTML Basic 1.1 Recommendation, providing a convergence in mobile markup languages, including those developed by the Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).

To view both new mobile web standards, head to the World Wide Web Consortium website.

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BIS upgraded, but OS 4.5 won’t be until September


BIS 2.5

So, the aforementioned BlackBerry Internet Service upgrade went through this weekend, but word has it that the matching version 4.5 handheld software won’t be available until September. The biggest kick in the teeth here is the lack of HTML email viewing, but those who have smuggled the early betas of the OS onto their BlackBerry will be able to enjoy the feature on BIS. OS 4.5 will bring some other goodies to the table, like native file downloading in a variety of formats (including audio and video) up to 3 MB and document editing. Integration with AOL and Windows Live won’t require the new OS, and is being offered right now with BIS 2.5. For further features of the new BlackBerry Internet Service, check out this knowledgebase article.

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BIS 2.5 upgrade coming June 28th, with HTML e-mail?


A diagram of BIS operation

Rumor has it that a BIS upgrade to version 2.5 will open up rich text e-mail viewing for a number of newer devices. Servers will supposedly be down for BIS users on June 28, from midnight to 8:00 AM while the upgrade is underway. The feature is long overdue, with talks of HTML mail viewing stretching all the way back to WES ’07 and earlier. Aside from e-mail, the calendar improvements like free/busy calendar lookup and over the air device software upgrades are also on the line for the BIS upgrade. Keep your eye out this weekend for some changes…

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The Big Kahuna of HTML mail viewing


BBSmartAfter using Empower HTML Mail viewer for awhile, I decided to give BBSmart a shot. It didn’t take long to see why it’s so popular. The image loading in e-mails is quick, the links are well-formatted, and you’ve got some great options for saving templates and turning e-mails into calendar entries or tasks. It’s carrying a beefier pricetag at $24.99, but you certainly get what you pay for. If you’re looking for something a little cheaper and lightweight, Empower is still a solid option.