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Play Entanglement and Other HTML5 Games Out-of-the-Box on PlayBook



Something awesome to know about the PlayBook is that it will be able to play HTML5-based games right out of the box. In the most recent WebWorks SDK, we learned of an HTML5 game that’s really fun called Entanglement by Gopherwood Studios. It’s interesting to note that while RIM is promoting the fact that the BlackBerry developer community has 4,000 apps ready for the PlayBook launch, this obviously doesn’t include the thousands of HTML5 apps that will also be available through the browser. It’s a lot like how the media criticizes RIM for only having 16,000 or so apps in App World, when that doesn’t include all of the apps being distributed outside of RIM’s main channel. Again, openness will prevail.

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Latest Video of PlayBook Shows Off Facebook Games and More


YouTube link

Even though the Kaufman Bros. analyst Shaw Wu is claiming that Flash is a resource hog and will lead to poor PlayBook battery life, the latest video from RIM shows some awesome advantages of supporting Flash. The above video takes us through some HTML 5 video, as well as the desktop versions of YouTube, Facebook and Facebook games. All of this rich media browsing is all possible thanks to Flash support, and it’s hard to imagine a PlayBook without it. Hopefully, rumors of Flash sucking up battery life aren’t true, and we’ll have a tablet with decent battery life, and full, rich media browsing capabilities.

More info available at Inside BlackBerry.

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BOLT Browser 2.3 Delivers Full Support for HTML5 Audio and Video Streaming


bolt browser widget

The latest update to the BOLT Browser, version 2.3, comes with a host of new features including HTML5 audio streaming to complement the HTML5 video streaming added in BOLT 2.1, and also includes enhanced inline text editing, cloud-based backup of your favorites and the addition of Ustream.tv to the list of Flash video sites supported by BOLT. The latest version of the BOLT browser also includes new Mobile Widgets. BOLT 2.3’s widget gallery features weather, Wikipedia, and dictionary widgets, along with an improved Twitter widget and a brand new Facebook widget.

For a full list of features and free download of BOLT 2.3 visit boltbrowser.com.

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RIM Launches BlackBerry WebWorks: Open Web App Platform for BlackBerry


blackberry webworks at the developer conference

Today, RIM announced their next-generation web app development platform – BlackBerry WebWorks. Webworks enables web developers to construct full-featured apps for BlackBerry in HTML-5, CSS and Javascript. The system takes advantage of advanced features through APIs and services like BlackBerry Java applications do already.

Developers can utilize web development tools and platform services with a comprehensive toolset for developing rich apps that can take advantage of core BlackBerry features such as true multi-tasking, true Push technology and access to the full range of BlackBerry services. The platform will also be able to take advantage of location-based services as well as the newly-announced advertising platform.
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Bistream Launch 2nd Generation of BOLT Browser


Bistream has announced the 2nd generation of its BOLT browser. BOLT 2.1 brings the browser out of beta testing and comes with tighter integration with Facebook and support for HTML5 video as well as several new Flash video streaming websites.

With the BOLT browser, users can watch HTML5 videos including youtube.com, cnn.com and video.google.com. Other great features of BOLT include tabbed browsing, a faster widget gallegy with a new UI and a server upgrade to WebKit 4.03. The latest BOLT browser is also available to OEMs and mobile network operators who want to co-brand and white label the service.

BOLT 2.1 and BOLT Lite is available for free at boltbrowser.com. Consumers who have downloaded previous versions of BOLT will be prompted through the application to upgrade the browser.

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