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PlayOn for BlackBerry 10 Gives You Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO


PlayOn is an app that, with the purchase of the PlayOn Media Server, gets you access to Netflix, Hulu and HBO GO. The Media Server pricing ranges from $25/year to a one-time $50 purchase. Once downloaded, you’ll be able to stream online videos directly to your device. It’s an interesting workaround to the lack of Netflix on BlackBerry 10 and if you’re ready to dish out the Media Server costs, it looks like a great deal.
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How to Watch Hulu on Your BlackBerry PlayBook


If you’re Canadian, sorry but this guide won’t help you. For Americans who want to view Hulu from their PlayBook, it’s actually not that difficult. The above code gives you the ability to search for Hulu videos and play them, circumventing Hulu’s block on the BlackBerry PlayBook user agent. By using the search field, you aren’t visiting the Hulu site directly so you get all the Hulu goodness you want. Be sure to watch these videos on a WiFi connection if you don’t have an unlimited data plan and especially don’t watch them while roaming.

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