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3 Ways You Didn’t Know Alicia Keys Represents the BlackBerry Brand


When Thorsten Heins introduced Alicia Keys, I know a lot of people were pretty confused. Why is RIM hiring someone with no tech experience to be the company’s Creative Director? Well, it’s probably just an advertising move and it’s not like she’s going to be telling engineers how to do their jobs. Regardless, I thought about it for a while and it dawned on me, Alicia Keys is so on brand it’s crazy. Here are 3 ways you didn’t realize Alicia Keys fits the BlackBerry brand.
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The Foursquare Prank That You Should Play Right Now


The most annoying thing that people do with Foursquare is broadcast their boring errands on the service, and worse, publish them on Twitter. Nobody cares that you’re at Walmart right now! The only time you’re allowed to checkin on Foursquare is if a) you’re at a party and want your friends to see and come, b) it’s a special event or c) you’re doing it for the badge. Otherwise, stop telling everyone that you’re getting gas at Esso. My life is filled with enough boring minutiae and I don’t need yours too. Anyways, here’s a great prank to get back at everyone checking in to their boring lives.
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RIM Announces This Year’s BBM Challenge Council with Comedian Hosts


The last BBM Challenge Council Program, launched last October saw thousand of participants jump through hoops for Hope Solo, goaltender for the US Olympic soccer team and reality TV star Whitney Port.

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Start-up Guys On the Importance of BBM


Here’s some Friday fun: the start-up guys are back and this time telling everyone BBM is the ultimate start-up guy tool. Anyone who has been in the tech industry for a long time has met someone like the start-up guys. They talk a lot and use a ton of buzz words, but nobody has any idea what they’re actually saying.
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BlackBerry Outage Gets Taiwanese Animation Treatment


The Taiwanese animation studio NMA does a good job of making outrageously-exaggerated videos of relatively minor incidents in Western media and the recent BlackBerry outage is no exception. At one point, the video suggests that Google might have had something to do with the outage, just in case you had any doubt these videos were nothing but jokes. Video after the break.
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Funny British Comedy Clip: “My BlackBerry is Not Working!”


YouTube Link

British Comedy is sometimes hard for North Americans to appreciate because of the thick accents and strange words from days of yore, but this is a clip that every BlackBerry user would appreciate. The clip comes from a preview of The One Ronnie, a show that features Ronnie Corbett in a variety of sketches. Enjoy!

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