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College Humor: BBM or Text a Contact Something Ridiculous for $100


College Humor put together a contest video that asks people to spin a wheel and either BBM or text a contact for $100. The best part is that you have to wait 5 minutes before telling the person that it was a prank, in order to give them time to answer and let the prank settle in. Check out the video for a few laughs.

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How Smartphone Users See Each Other: iPhone vs. Android vs. BlackBerry


funny comic strip
Click image or follow link to csectioncomics.com

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Seriously? $1000 “I Am Rich” App Hits Mobihand App Store


i am rich blackberry app

An app recently appeared in the BlackBerryCool store that is going off the success of the I Am Rich application for iPhone which was subsequently pulled from the App Store. The I Am Rich app for BlackBerry is just as ridiculous and seems to just put a couple of gold bars as your wallpaper along with an icon on the homescreen.
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Dear BlackBerryCool: Is this a Contest a Hoax?


Dear Sir/Madam,

I received this mail can you please confirm if this is correct or not?

Dear All,

Blackberry is giving away free phones as part of their promotional drive. All you need to do is send a copy of this email to 8 people; and you will receive your phone in less than 24 hrs. Please note that if you send to more than 20 people you will receive two phones.

Please do not forget to send a copy to: amanda.lee@blackberry.com

With Regards,

Amanda Lee (Marketing Manager)
Office Number: 0117838512



Legal Executive
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Jerry Seinfeld Talks About BlackBerry People on Letterman


It’s no secret that celebrities are all on BlackBerry. I’m sure they would love to use the iPhone for all its great apps, but considering the amount of messaging your typical celebrity does, the iPhone just isn’t a viable smartphone. Seinfeld was on Letterman promoting his new series The Marriage Ref, which is sort of a chat show about married couples’ problems. Remember that the BlackBerry rant doesn’t start until 5:03.

[Thanks Caspan for sending this in]

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Fun Little Movies App for BlackBerry Plays Comedy Shorts



Fun Little Movies is a new addition to BlackBerry App World. The app is a portal for FLM clips that are short, funny and family friendly. Personally, I think you can get the same level of quality from YouTube. I would like to see this app go free, and use some creative advertising to support the cost. From what I’ve seen online, I’m just not sure if FLM is $2.99 funny.

Check out Fun Little Movies in App World.

Head over to Babelgum to get a feel for the type of videos you get with this app.

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