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BlackBerry Cufflinks for the Tuxedo-Wearing BlackBerry User



BlackBerry Cufflinks are a pretty awesome accessory but they would be even more awesome if they were made out of pure platinum. I could see myself wearing these if I was either Jim Balsillie, or a millionaire eBay seller who sold unreleased devices (not like those guys are rich). Fifty dollars for the pair is a little much for a party gag but I’m sure someone is buying. Also, why make it out of 8800s? They should be Storms.

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CatBerry: The BlackBerry for Cats


We’ve been posting a lot of fluff news lately so why not top it off with a ridiculous video. A revolutionary new product – CatBerry, the BlackBerry for Cats. Performed by Bleak! Comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater. Some swearing and all around hilarious.

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AT&T BlackBerry Promo Movie ‘Stay One Step Ahead’



AT&T’s latest BlackBerry promo is called ‘Stay One Step Ahead’ and it’s a trailer for a fake movie about a team hunting down a guy with a BlackBerry and “he’s always one step ahead.” The video asks you to log in with your Facebook account because the guy they’re looking for is you. It’s cool to see your profile picture on their view screens in the trailer and it’s a fun way to promote BlackBerry. It’s also really corny.

Check out the ‘Stay One Step Ahead’ video and log in with your Facebook account.

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[Read it first from Adam at CB]

Washington Post names BlackBerry Worst Idea of the Decade


The Washington Post wrote a tongue-in-cheek editorial about the worst ideas of the decade, and the BlackBerry was named one of them. The reason? “Thanks to the BlackBerry…we are always connected.”

The editorial reads like one of Andy Rooney of 60 Minutes’ rants where an old man talks about how he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about and what this crazy device called the “BumbleBerry” even does. The author goes on to talk about how the problem with email is that “the more we emails we send, the more we receive.” I’m not sure what he’s getting at exactly but the idea of ubiquitous communication being a bad thing is so funny I couldn’t not post.

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[Washington Post]

Humor: New stumpy BlackBerry unveiled during show for kids



I couldn’t resist the title, but there is a show traveling Canada right now called WIRED, and one of their props is an improvised giant BlackBerry. WIRED aims to educate youth about how to deal with cyber-bullying, and some of the challenges kids face growing up in a fully connected world. Funnily enough, the featured BlackBerry has Viigo loaded and a cool theme I haven’t seen yet. I actually don’t mind the square edges on the device and would probably buy a completely square form factor. I spoke to one of the actors Chris Cochrane, and apparently the kids they meet, aged 8-12, all have Facebook profiles and a lot of them have BlackBerrys.

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Nan Palmero’s Power Cake


Nan the Power User

Nan Palmero, the man behind our recent Nan the Power User editorial series, just got married. While on his honeymoon, Nan took the time to email me a photo of his wedding cake, which should bring a tear to the eye of every member of the BlackBerry Nation. It seems that for his wedding, Nan wanted to do something special to honor his better half — the Sprint BlackBerry 8830.

Post a comment and wish Nan the Power User well on his honeymoon! No, I don’t know how he convinced her, either.

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