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Fortune Magazine Says BlackBerry Is Not a Smartphone


This is a great example of how BlackBerry is generally left out of the conversation. Fortune’s Jon Fortt, who covers “digital giants” for the publication, actually made the claim that the iPhone is a smatphone and the BlackBerry is not. Fortt must have said this tongue-in-cheek because the basic definition of a smartphone applies to iPhone, BlackBerry, Android etc. His colleague on the show, Michael Copeland, senior writer at Fortune, switched to Android from BlackBerry. Michael points to the Swipe app which helps texting on a touchscreen, and insinuates that this was the biggest selling point for RIM that is now lost to the touchscreen Android.

Both Fortt and Copeland seem a little too narrow-minded when it comes to the smartphone industry, as they aren’t taking in to account the relative benefits BlackBerry provides, and the scope of the applications available. It seems the problem is that the advantages RIM provides aren’t consumer focused enough, and aren’t making an impact in their discussion.

It’s not that I think these two are particularly relevant in the tech world, but rather their conversation is indicative of a marketing problem at RIM. The company is continually left out of the conversation when Android and iPhone are in the room, and the platform’s advantages are drowned out in the noise of I Am T-Pain and Google Goggles. RIM is clearly trying to address this issue with its Super Apps campaign, but is it going to be enough?

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