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Track Your BlackBerry Usage and Compete Internationally with MobHolic


MobHolic is the first app by Rodrigue Hajjar that is a lot like the free I Love BlackBerry app, but comes with a website to discover more analytics about your BlackBerry usage. The app also has a leaderboard to rank phone addiction both internationally and locally. Personally, I would love to see this app become a game, with users constantly competing for the most interaction, much like Foursquare.

MobHolic is $2.99 in App World but it goes to supporting a student BlackBerry developer who just wrote his first app. Feel free to support the community.

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Free I Love BlackBerry app records your BlackBerry usage



A new app called “I Love BlackBerry” is a simple app that logs the time you spend on your device. The app will record your usage and break it down into work hours, nights and weekends. The app even gives monthly reports. Try it out for yourself and show your friends exactly how much time you spend using the device.

Why do you Love Your BlackBerry?

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