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SyncMate Helps BlackBerry Sync Data With Your Mac, iPod, iPhone and More


Syncing files, calendars, contacts and music between devices is a bitch. When connecting a lot of consumer-grade services to each other but I mostly end up generating duplicates whether it’s duplicate calendar entries, contacts or the mother of all duplicate problems: music. This drives me crazy because the whole point of sync software is to have single versions of the most current versions of your files.
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[Video] Creative Task Sync Between Mac OSX Leopard and BlackBerry


Mac users for some time had to get a little creative when syncing information to and from their BlackBerrys. Today, we’ll have a look at how to get creative with your tasks and sync them with your BlackBerry.

Since the inclusion of “system-wide to-dos” within Mac OSX 10.5 (known as Leopard), developers of to-do applications received a new set of API’s to work with, and unknowingly simplified a BlackBerry user’s life.  Developers of such apps include an iCal Sync feature which allows a sort of information highway between their task management application, iCal, Mail and other 3rd party apps that include that same feature.

Here is a little guide I’ve made, to get you started:
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Tungle offers free BlackBerry scheduler


TungleTungle just announced BlackBerry integration aimed to ease meeting schedules, and already plays nice with Outlook, Lotus, iCal, Google Calendar and other platforms. Requests are simply sent via e-mail, and confirmations made through your BlackBerry’s browser. This sounds like a decent solution for us poor souls without an Exchange server, or if you’ve got a bunch of different platforms running that need to work together. You can head on over here to give it a shot, just keep in mind that it’s still in beta.