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IDC Releases Numbers for Top 5 Smarpthone Manufacturers


top 5 from IDC

IDC has released its latest data about the Top 5 smartphone vendors for the fourth quarter of 2010 and while the smartphone market is heating up, there are still relatively few players in the game. In terms of smartphone manufacturers this quarter, Nokia, Apple, and RIM take the majority of the smartphone market with 28.0%, 16.1% and 14.5% respectively. In terms of 2010 as a whole, IDC reports market shares of 33.1%, 16.1% and 15.7% for Nokia, RIM and Apple respectively.
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IDC Q4 2010 Smartphone Analysis Shows Huge Mobile Growth



IDC released its Q4 2010 world smartphone market analysis and it shows some impressive growth for not only the mobile market, but for smartphones in general. Recently, we talked about BlackBerry in South Korea, and according to IDC, Korea had the biggest smartphone appetite in Asia this quarter accounting two-thirds of phones shipped in 4Q10, up from one-eighth a year ago. In Western Europe, the BlackBerry 8520 was among the region’s top sellers and contributed to the overall market’s growth.

The United States saw vendors like RIM and Apple maintain a healthy lead and in Canada, Android, Apple and RIM prevailed. Again, it’s all about smartphone growth and users are aggressively turning in their feature phones for smartphones. In Latin America, Nokia, RIM, and Samsung had strong smartphone sales, as well as relative newcomer Huawei.
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Research in Motion in the Top 5 Handset Manufacturers in the World


IDC’s latest report shows Research in Motion in the in the top 5 of all mobile handset makers in the world. RIM has been in the Top 10 Smartphone Manufactuers list for some time and now, but making the top 5 handset makers in the world is a really significant benchmark. RIM is the only company on this list that manufacturers only smartphones, making the numbers all the more impressive. The smartphone market is growing at a pretty incredible rate, and it looks like RIM is well positioned to take on the growth.

Here are some quick facts about RIM from the report:

  • RIM shipped 10.6 million units in Q1.
  • Total shipments surpassing those of Motorola by nearly 2 million units.
  • Highest average selling prices within the group.
  • Key to its success in the first quarter was the popularity of its BlackBerry Curve 8520 and BlackBerry Bold 9700 across multiple markets as well as its global prepaid offerings.
  • Strong consumer adoption, particularly among text-crazy teens, has also fuelled demand for BlackBerry devices.

Read the press release after the jump.
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82 million converged mobile devices by 2011


WE ARE THE SPACE BLACKBERRYS Man, it sounds like they’re taking over the planet à la black and white 50s sci-fi movie. A recent report from IDC is telling us to look at huge growth in hybrid device usage among corporate customers all over the globe.

According to IDC’s latest mobile enterprise device usage forecast, worldwide shipments of corporate-liable mobile devices will experience a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 54% to reach more than 82 million units shipped in 2011.

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