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ShowMate update en route


ShowMateThe Engadget boys have spotted Impatica at CTIA, and have scoped out an update on the way that will let you project whatever is on your BlackBerry, not just PowerPoint presentations. We took a look at the ShowMate a few months back, and this is an impressive expansion on its basic functionality. The first target audience that pops to mind for this update is BlackBerry software developers who want to demo their goods, but really, there’s a pretty big range of content viewable on your BlackBerry, and being able to put any of it up on a big projection screen is a sweet deal. If you’re interested, you can pick one of these puppies up over here.

Weekly Contest: Write an open letter to RIM


Impatica ShowMateWe’ve really got to give props to the Engadget boys for their open letter to Palm. For a company that’s clearly having trouble, sometimes tough love is the only way out of the rut. It was even enough to warrant immediate response from Palm’s CEO. Now, given that RIM’s doing a hell of a lot better than Palm right now, a little constructive criticism never hurt, right? (Well, minus the bruised ego, the sense of hopelessness, the awkward re-adapting to new standards, the inevitable failing to meet them, and the tenuous reassessment which generally results in doing the whole damn thing over again).

Given RIM’s position, maybe some praise is in order, too. After all, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So, BBCool readers, this week we ask: what’s in your open letter to RIM? Praise? Hate? What’s in Engadget’s letter that you would include? What could be left out? Feel free to either write the letter out in full, or just give the bullet points. Instead of the usual Bplay goodies for the best comment, this week we’re giving away our Impatica ShowMate, worth a whooping $249.99. Take a look at our review to see if it’s something you would get some use out of.

Here’s the clincher, guys. We know folks at RIM read the site. If you have a legitimate beef with BlackBerrys, odds of it getting heard are pretty high. As for you lurking RIM employees, maybe you’ve got something to say to the boss that isn’t quite working its way through the pipes. Now is your chance to don some anonymity and voice off on what needs to change internally or externally.

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Impatica ShowMate rereviewed


ShowMateYou might remember a review we did on Impatica’s ShowMate last month, and as it turns out, some of the difficulties we experienced were a little out of the ordinary. The fine folks at Impatica had their honor to defend, and so shipped us a fresh unit which worked way better and bumped the ShowMate’s score up from 3 to 3.5 out of 5. Check out our review for a few changes.

Review: Impatica ShowMate


Impatica ShowMateWe saw this thing during WES and thought the idea was pretty cool, but $250 bucks for a PowerPoint brick seemed like a little much. Regardless, there is an ample market for salespeople who do a lot of corporate presentations to have something like this kicking around the office, making it a worthy investment. We had a brief look over the ShowMate a while ago, and thought it merited a closer look.

In short, the Impatica ShowMate allows you to review and conduct PowerPoint presentations from your BlackBerry. After installing a handheld and desktop client, you convert the presentations into a compressed format and transfer the file by USB to your BlackBerry. A bundled Impatica Slide Viewer lets you view the compressed presentations. Grabbing your ShowMate, you go to your presentation location, hook it up to the projector and pair up your BlackBerry to it via Bluetooth. From your BlackBerry you can change slides and view notes.

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