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RIM Begins Server Upgrades for BlackBerry App World 2.1 With In-App Purchases


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RIM has announced to vendors that over the weekend and today they are upgrading their servers to prepare for the launch of App World 2.1. With App World 2.1, users will be able to purchase apps that have digital goods and in-app purchasing. This will make for some really interesting BlackBerry content such as Farmville style games as well as give developers another way to monetize their applications. Check after the jump for the official announcement.
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AppWorldReport.com Gives Developers More Insight for App World Apps


AppWorldReport site

A little while back I wrote an article about App World vs Mobihand and their respective developer portals and John from S4BB pointed out a cool site worth mentioning. One of the biggest issues with both vendor portals is that when you’re trying to figure out how well your app is doing, you have to download CSV files and work through them to figure out what’s going on. Both vendor portals need to realize that humans work best with visualizations of data and should provide charts and graphs as per the vendor’s request.
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FancyFon remote device management becomes RIM ISV partner



FancyFon allows companies to manage devices on their network over the Internet. Their mobile software interacts with servers and databases, to provide large organizations and government with the ability to rollout new services OTA as well as provide remote support and diagnostics.

FancyFon will be taking their services to the BlackBerry space, now that they have recently become an official BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The company began their Alpha support for BlackBerry back in December of 2008, meaning they’ve had 2 years of supporting other platforms until now.

While we’ve written about several companies that offer remote BlackBerry support, we’re going to continue to cover everyone in the space. It’s the easiest way to remain unbiased.

The FancyFon FAMOC device management platform can support multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (version 4.0, with plans to support version 5.0 by Q3 2009).

With so many companies providing remote BlackBerry support, the market is becoming increasingly specialized and tailored to specific markets. It’s not clear what competitive advantage FancyFon provides, so perhaps we’ll get them on BlackBerry Cool to explain it themselves.