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Airtel and Reliance launch a bevvy of BlackBerrys in India


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Two different Indian carriers announced new information for a wide variety of BlackBerrys today. In news that will only make the rumored AT&T Bold delay sting more, Airtel has announced the launch of the BlackBerry Bold on their network, priced at Rs. 34,990 and available by the end of September.

In addition, Reliance mobile has introduced the first prepaid BlackBerry service in India today for no less than six different devices. Reliance claims that this announcement will help expand BlackBerry interest to the 200 million prepaid users in India.

Reliance Prepaid BlackBerry Support

* The BlackBerry 8830 World Edition
* The BlackBerry Curve 8330
* The BlackBerry Curve 8300
* The BlackBerry Pearl 8100
* The BlackBerry Pearl 8130
* The BlackBerry 8703e

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Bold Delays and JavaScript Dismays (BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 39)


The BlackBerry Cool Podcast: Episode 39

A bit of a slower week newswise, though still plenty of interesting Bold-related stuff, including upcoming AT&T availability, OS 4.6 browser speeds, as well as some fresh pricing info on the BlackBerry 8220 and some more confusion on the BlackBerry 9500’s naming scheme. This is Simon’s last podcast on BBCool, so you better soak it all in.

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BlackBerry Connect coming to India


BlackBerry Connect on BPL Mobile

Indian carrier BPL is now offering BlackBerry Connect on a wide variety of handsets, including the Moto Q9h and the Nokia Communicator. BlackBerry Connect brings all of the back-end goodness like push email, data security and personal information syncing of BlackBerry to other platforms like Symbian and Windows Mobile. Clearly BlackBerry services are picking up at a decent clip again since that security mess awhile back, and I think we’re all pretty glad to see it.

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Tata to launch Indian BlackBerry service


IndiaBack in April, Indian carrier Tata Teleservices was held back from starting up BlackBerry service due to newly-discovered security concerns, but it sounds like they’re sick of waiting and will be launching within the next two months. The whole Indian security thing was a pretty big mess, with RIM and the Canadian government getting involved, and eventually finishing in a big talk which seems to have resolved most issues, or at least determined a solid course of action. Tata has promised that whenever the Indian government has decided on what they want to do security-wise, they will happily abide.

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Security agency overseeing Indian BlackBerry talks


Indian flagIt looks like the Indian government is still not satisfied with the BlackBerry security, situation. RIM, the Department of Telecom, and the Home Ministry are getting together to butt heads on how to resolve things, with talks supervised by the National Security Adviser, but considering the BlackBerry 8330 launch earlier this week, I reckon the government has let service continue while they try to figure the whole mess out. The most popular solution remains to set up servers in India.

“We are insisting for a (BlackBerry) server in India to take care of security agencies concern. But technically and commercially what will be the impact on the Blackberry also has to be taken into consideration and it is being taken.”

Do we have any Indian readers out there who have been caught in the crossfire?

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BlackBerry 8330 comes to India


IndiaIt looks like the tentative resolution of security issues in India has been enough to for Reliance to release the BlackBerry 8330. Reliance’s CDMA network was launched last September, so it’s is still pretty new, but it’s good to see some of the more recent devices finding their way over there. The CDMA Curve is available in 500 stores across India for Rs 25,990. Hit up Reliance’s website to find the one closes to you.