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Miss DevCon Asia? Check Out the Roundup Videos


DEVCON Asia 2011 – Developer Round Up

DevCon Asia looks like it was a blast. As RIM expands into various regions around the world, getting developers together to get passionate about the platform is really going to help the platform grow in terms of apps, but it will also help grow a lot of localized content that wouldn’t otherwise exist. At DevCon Asia, the main areas of discussion were centered around the PlayBook, BlackBerry OS 6.1 and the BBM platform which has been an incredible hit in Asia Pac as we’ve seen from the videos RIM has made recently.
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BlackBerry Messenger Viral Videos Taking Over Asia


Souls of Speed BBM Groups in India

A while back we posted some videos RIM did of different people and the way they use BBM. The videos featured tattoo artists, DJs and shop owners, all talking about how they use BBM in their daily lives and careers. The campaign has now spread to Asia, where we can get a glimpse of how BBM is used in other countries. Hit the jump and check out some cool videos of BBM being used in India and Indonesia.

Up next, RIM will be making some videos around how BBM can be used to organize against corrupt governments and topple dictators. No? C’mon! Do it!
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Indonesian BlackBerry Ban Is About Business Practices?



Indonesian Communication Minister Tifatul Sembiring has taken the discussion around the Indonesian BlackBerry ban in a strange direction, saying that the ban has nothing to do with porn, but is about RIM’s business practices in Indonesia. According to Sembiring, RIM is “taking too much money from Indonesians without even paying any taxes here.” He also adds, “the company brings no economic benefits to Indonesia, yet they take so much money from here,” he said. “And because the company is based in Canada, it pays taxes there, not here.”

While it’s true that RIM doesn’t have to pay taxes on the sale of BlackBerrys because they’re imported by local vendors, it seems like Sembiring is just trying to distract from the porn issue, which his party probably sees as a political hot potato, especially with respect to how Western governments perceive the country.
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RIM Agrees to Block Access to Pornography from BlackBerrys in Indonesia



RIM is facing a potential ban in Indonesia, a source of tremendous growth for BlackBerry, and to halt the ban RIM will have to block access to pornography on its devices. The Ministry of Communications in Indonesia has issued a deadline of January 21st, and RIM has responded saying it will put in place a “compliant filtering solution for BlackBerry subscribers in Indonesia as soon as possible.” The Indonesian government sees this as a positive step, but not a complete solution. In a meeting in Jakarta, the government will ask RIM for further assurances.

It’s good to know RIM will be avoiding the ban but one can’t help but think the Indonesian government is acting too much like a nanny state.

BlackBerry Partners Fund Merges to Focus on Mobile Investments WorldWide


blackberry partners fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced that its co-managers have merged to create a globally competitive investment manager focused exclusively on mobile investment opportunities (i.e. JLA Ventures, RBC Venture Partners and BlackBerry Partners Fund will all be managed under a merged entity). The merger provides a platform for the growth and global expansion of the BlackBerry Partners Fund brand.

This should be a great opportunity for companies around the world seeking investment. There are a lot of hot companies in mobile right now, and not all of them are in North America. Latin America, Indonesia, India and China are all booming right now with tech companies and it will be interesting to see the innovation that springs up.

More information available in the press release.

BlackBerry Curve 3G Announced in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia


blackberry curve 3g

The BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 is one of the less impressive BlackBerrys hitting the market but it should nonetheless be a hit. The Curve series has had an incredible sales record across North America due to its low price point and small, consumer friendly shape. The new 3G Curve will potentially be a big seller like the previous models, but offer a few incremental hardware upgrades.

In Australia, the BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 will be available in Optus and Vodafone stores at the beginning of September and at 3 stores from October. The device will be available from Vodafone free on £25, 24 month price plans, including 500 minutes, unlimited texts, 500MB of data and email. In Indonesia and Malaysia the Curve 3G is expected to be available in September.

Keep on eye on RIM’s press section to see more Curve 3G announcements internationally.