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SmrtGuard available on Indosat as white labeled solution i-Guard



Founder of SmrtGuard Robert Kao and the Indosat team.

SmrtGuard and the Indonesian carrier Indosat, have announced the launch of the i-Guard service, a white label version of SmrtGuard. With this white labeled version of the service, users can wirelessly backup and restore personal data, as well as personally track and remotely wipe their smartphone in the event of theft or loss.

Personally, I would love to see North Americans getting a white labeled version of SmrtGuard as well. There are a ton of BlackBerry consumers that would benefit from this service, but aren’t in the know when it comes to purchasing applications. Relationships with carriers can go a long way to bringing these great apps to people who don’t know about them.

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Further evidence of BlackBerry success in Indonesia from InMobi


Indonesia Monthly Growth in Traffic

Not too long ago BlackBerry Cool published an article regarding the success of RIM in Indonesia. The article highlighted the fact that the BlackBerry is popular for two main reasons: its price point and its brand reputation.

Data from Indonesia’s largest mobile advertising network, InMobi, confirms the above notion that BlackBerry is beating iPhone in Indonesia, a country home to over 237 million people. From January 2009 to June 2009, mobile ad requests on Blackberry phones increased by 842%, compared to mobile ad requests on Indonesia iPhones, which increased only by 205%. See the above graph for a better picture of how the two devices differ in usage.

For RIM to further succeed in Indonesia and the rest of the developing world, they are going to have to launch more low-end devices. While the 8520 did an excellent job of satisfying some of the demand for a cheaper smartphone, there is still plenty of opportunity for an even cheaper device. A BlackBerry with the most basic of functionality would still provide a smartphone experience the developing world would cherish.

The challenges and opportunities RIM faces in Southeast Asia



Inside the Roxy Mas IT Mall. Roxy Mas is the largest cell phone shopping mall in Indonesia. Hundreds of shops sell second-hand phones. [Courtesy]

Indonesia comprises 17,508 islands in Southeast Asia and has an estimated population of around 237 million people, making it the fourth most populous country in the world.

Back in 2004, RIM began selling BlackBerry devices through the country’s main provider Indosat and growth has been tremendous. In 2008, BlackBerry sales rose 550% year-on-year. There are now more than 350,000 users across the region, a number that could reach 1 million by the end of this year, according to Marc Einstein, an industry manager at research and consulting firm Frost and Sullivan.

While 1 million may seem insignificant compared to the estimated 28 million BlackBerry users worldwide, the growth rate and potential are enough to make Indonesia a very lucrative market.

While we’re on the subject of smartphone growth, the iPhone has been fairing very poorly in Indonesia. In developing countries and countries with a smaller GDP, price point is key. The iPhone doesn’t have the price flexibility that the BlackBerry does and therefore has seen only around 15,000 users in Indonesia, a relatively insignificant number.
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Indonesia, France and Luxembourg all announce the BlackBerry Bold


BlackBerry Bold

Sorry Americans, I know this stuff just makes you rip out even more clumps of hair, but the world must know that Indosat, Celcom, Bouygues, and TELE2TANGO all plan on packing the BlackBerry 9000. It might actually be a bit of a relief, as many won’t have the Bold available until mid- to late- September, which is the rumoured AT&T release date. You won’t be alone guys, just hang in there. Here are the details…

  • Indosat (Indonesia): Looking to be available around late September for Rp 8.888. Also confirms upcoming 16 GB microSDHC memory cards.
  • Celcom (Malaysia): The RM2,499 pricetag might be a hint at what Maxis will be offering the Bold for; due to land the third week of September.
  • Bouygues (France): Due mid-September, 199€ on an enterprise plan, offering a sweet 17€ unlimited everything plan.
  • TELE2TANGO (Luxembourg): Available September 9th., 390€ without subscription and from 109€ with data plan. Looks like their first ‘Berry. Grats!

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Indosat launches prepaid BlackBerry Internet Service



Indonesian carrier Indosat recently launched some nice prepaid options for week- and month-long BlackBerry service. It’s all-you-can-thumb internet browsing, e-mail, instant messaging and whatever else you want to do with your data, just remember that it doesn’t count SMS, voice or tethering. The 7-day deal will cost 50,000 rupiahs (or $3.50), and the 30-day prepaid service goes for 175,000 rupiahs (or $20). For travelers with an unlocked BlackBerry, this is a pretty sweet deal, and even local users who only need occasional data use, the plan could come in handy. Head on over here for more info on Indosat’s BlackBerry On Demand service, or text “BIS1 BB” and your BlackBerry model number to 889 to get started.

(Slashphone via Engadget)


Indonesia gets two BlackBerrys


IndosatOne of Indonesia’s bigger carriers, Indosat, has announced that they’ll be carrying the BlackBerry 8800 and the BlackBerry 8300. Although there are 8310s landing elsewhere, the old Curves are still a great option for carriers looking to kick-start their BlackBerry game, and provide a solid foundation to release incremental upgrades after they’ve dropped in price internationally. The 8800 and 8300 join the Pearl on Indosat’s lineup, completing the usual tri-pronged BlackBerry attack on consumer, prosumer and enterprise markets.