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BlackBerry Theme Studio 6 Public Beta 2 Now Available


blackberry theme builder 6

The new BlackBerry Theme Studio 6 Public Beta 2 is available for download in the Developer Zone and it provides support for new and upgraded devices with BlackBerry 6. The new Theme Studio as has import functionality for theme projects designed on previous versions of Theme Studio. Translating your BlackBerry Theme Studio 5 projects to 6 is a simple three step process so you can quickly transition to the new software. Another cool feature of Theme Studio is a simplified theme export for App World so you can quickly submit your BlackBerry 6 themes.

Use this link to download the new BlackBerry Theme Studio 6 Public Beta 2.

Read more about Theme Studio 6 on the Developer Blog.

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Canadian government makes final ruling on Nortel LTE sale



RIM has been lobbying very hard to get the Canadian government to intervene in the deal between Nortel and Sony Ericsson. The deal involves the sale of a variety of Nortel’s assets including their LTE operations, which are of great interest to RIM in order to future-proof devices.

The Canadian government has ruled on the issue and declined to review the $1.13 billion sale of Nortel Networks’ CDMA and LTE assets to Ericsson. The announcement was made by Canada’s Industry Minister, Tony Clement, and it closes any possibility of the Canadian government intervening in favor of RIM.

The underlying reasons for which RIM wanted the Canadian government to intervene are vague at best. The Investment Canada Act stipulates that the Canadian government must intervene if the sale of Canadian assets to a foreign country poses some security risk.

“There are no grounds to believe this transaction could be injurious to Canada’s national security,” Clement said Wednesday, adding that Ericsson “has the resources and customer base necessary to bring Canadian innovation to market. … This deal is very beneficial to Canada.”

So it looks as though RIM is going to have to find another way to acquire the LTE and CDMA technology it desires.



Canada prepares for AWS auction


Maxime Bernier, Canada’s Industry Minister, has called for consultation from the national wireless industry in order to set the groundwork for an upcoming auction for 105 MHz worth of frequencies within the 2GHz range, which includes Advanced Wireless Services.

“Our role is to help foster a healthy and competitive telecommunications market that encourages and rewards innovation, and from which consumers will benefit the most. I invite all interested parties to make their views known,” said Minister Bernier.

Results from the consultation will be published in February, and promises to help improve Canada’s international competitiveness, and, I daresay, alleviate skyrocketing data rates.