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BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS Updated with Payment Service and More


webworks for tablet os

RIM has updated the BlackBerry WebWorks SDK for Tablet OS to version 2.1. This latest version allows developers to leverage new APIs to create richer applications using standard web technologies. The WebWorks project is also open source and the code can be found on github.com/blackberry.

In this latest update to the SDK, new features include:

  • Support for the BlackBerry In App Payment API
  • Deeper integration with the Camera API for taking pictures/video from within the WebWorks applications
  • Microphone API which developers can use to activate the capability to record audio with the PlayBook’s microphone
  • Identity API provides applications with the ability to retrieve information about the BlackBerry PlayBook PIN
  • File IO API gives developers the possibility to read, copy and write files onto the Tablet OS file system

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Accounting software available on BlackBerry


AccountantA handy little software package geared for accountants has been announced today. powerOne by Inifinity Softworks is offering a robust application for any visor-clad moneychangers on the go.

powerOne software’s unique, easy-to-use template design helps answer what-if questions fast. Once answered, users can instantly send an email with embedded results. This quick-send feature makes an excellent calling card, quick quote, or personalized record. Analysis options include financial calculations such as Time Value of Money, amortizations, mortgages, and cash flows including NPV and IRR, unit and time conversions, and business calculations such as profit margin and percent change. Over 200 calculations are available.

I don’t know what NPV or IRR mean, but I’m sure they’re very important. Pricewise, they’re asking $49.95, and is available on anything running OS 4.1 and up, including the Pearl, the BlackBerry 8800, BlackBerry 8300, the 87XX series, the 71XX series, the 72XX series, and the 75XX series. On top of the software, Infinity Softworks is now a part of the ISV Alliance, so grats to them. The trial version is available over here.