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BlackBerry Innovation Forum 2012 Impressions


I’m here in Ottawa attending the BlackBerry Innovation Forum. It’s a full day of IT managers, CIOs and folks in charge of mobile deployments talking about new technologies. This year there’s a big focus on BlackBerry Mobile Fusion, RIM’s solution for managing BlackBerry, iOS and Android devices for deployments large and small. The crowd was full of BlackBerry fans with over 70% of the attendees sporting Playbooks.
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CHARGE Anywhere POS technology wins innovation award


charge anywhere POS

As society grows more mobile, we’re going to see mobile money transactions become increasingly adopted. In countries such as Korea and Japan, mobile payments are commonplace. CHARGE Anywhere provides Point-of-Sale technology that allows merchants to capture payments and signatures directly to their BlackBerry.

CHARGE Anywhere was awarded the 2009 ETA Technology Innovation Award at this year’s Annual Meeting & Expo in Las Vegas, NV. CHARGE Anywhere’s Mobile Payment Solution with Signature Capture was chosen as the most innovative solution of the year.

The CHARGE Anywhere mobile payment solution allows merchants to accept payments anywhere by using their BlackBerry devices. With the addition of signature capture, the need for a merchant to produce, carry, and store paper receipts is eliminated. Electronic signature capture simplifies dispute resolution, optimizes operational efficiencies, promotes green practices and generally reduces costs.

Since the BlackBerry is such an incredibly secure device, I believe it will be a leader in spreading these payment solutions.