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BlackBerry Blog Hacked in Response to RIM Statement – Hackers Threaten to Reveal Employee Info


BlackBerry Website hack

RIM recently released a statement saying the company will company with The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act in light of the London riots. Compliance with the act could mean RIM would be intercepting and handing over relevant communications. Police have said that BBM was used to coordinate much of the looting and riots and these messages could lead to arrests.

For those unaware of the riots, it seems to have been caused by the death of Mark Duggan, an alleged drug dealer who was shot by a special gang and drug division of Scotland Yard. Duggan also apparently used BBM to send a final message to his girlfriend. He wrote, “The Feds are following me.” Handing over Duggan’s BBM messages to police could also reveal a lot about the individual whose death apparently inspired the riots.

The hacker group TeaMp0isoN targeted RIM’s official blog and left the following message on the site:
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DataSmart Technology is Great for Carriers But is it Good for Consumers?



RIM has been touting the fact that BlackBerrys are efficient with data for years and it looks like they’ve finally given it a name: DataSmart Technology. The fact that BlackBerrys compress your data, means that for a fixed data plan, you can get more bang for your buck. According to a new study by Rysavy Research, a BlackBerry will get you 2x more web browsing, 4x more email and 2x more social networking.

But there are drawbacks to RIM’s obsession with data compression as well. The Facebook app is extremely limited in what it can do and is nearly useless. Granted, many of its problems are not RIM’s fault, and many of its limitations can be blamed on Facebook, but it seems data usage is sometimes a greater priority than user experience. Also, it has taken RIM ages to come up with a decent VoIP solution over 3G. Only Verizon provides its BlackBerry users VoIP and many 3rd party solutions aren’t true VoIP. Only recently RIM came out with a YouTube app for BlackBerry, and it’s also very limited. Sometimes this obsessions with DataSmart Technology and their relationship with the carrier seems more important than RIM’s relationship with the end user.

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RIM Launches BlackBerry Business Blog at bizblog.blackberry.com


blackberry business blog

The latest official BlackBerry blog to launch is the BlackBerry Business Blog and its goal is to “deliver insights from RIM subject matter experts about product information, best practices, and tips and tricks for business use of BlackBerry.” It’s an interesting strategy to break up RIM’s official blog into a series of focused blogs but it’s not clear what the value is. Breaking up the blogs would make sense if you have so much content that you’re overwhelming a single domain but Inside BlackBerry sometimes doesn’t post for a few days at a time. Gawker blogs will do around 50 posts per day and readers have no trouble with this. Either way, if you’re looking for insight from RIM about BlackBerry for business, there might be some value there.

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Interview with the BlackBerry Pearl 3G Product Manager


WES is off to a great start with the announcement of two new BlackBerrys: the Pearl 3G and the Bold 9650. Inside BlackBerry sat down with the Pearl 3G Product Manager Joseph Gordon, to ask a few questions about the device.

The interview starts off with a CV of Joseph Gordon, but the meat of the interview is about the device itself. What were you trying to achieve for the next generation BlackBerry Pearl smartphone?

We wanted to make a revolutionary leap the same way we did with the original BlackBerry Pearl 8100 smartphone, which at the time was our most powerful BlackBerry smartphone despite the smaller size. The same is true with the BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone, as we have worked hard to pack all the power of the BlackBerry platform today in a compact package, with the BlackBerry Pearl 3G being the thinnest BlackBerry smartphone to date. We didn’t want to compromise on style, and we haven’t, as the BlackBerry Pearl 3G smartphone incorporates some of the elements and design of our premium product lines.
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RIM is Looking for Input on their Twitter Background



RIM’s Social Media team put up a post asking the community which Twitter background they prefer: @blackberry versus @blackberryblog. There doesn’t seem to be a difference between the two, other than @blackberry has crooked pictures on the side. If you ask me, they should have a white background with a new QR code each week. The QR code would be a link to a free app that RIM would kindly give out to the community for free. It could be a new theme, app or even ringtone. I’m sure there are a ton of developers out there who would be happy to run a giveaway through RIM’s twitter page. Is there anything you would like to see? Which one do you prefer?

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Official BlackBerry Blog Inside BlackBerry Gets a New Look



Inside BlackBerry have updated their site with a new look as well as more community features. The new layout features:

  • A direct link to the Developers Blog.
  • Link to the Community Post (support forums blog).
  • More MyBlackBerry community promotion.
  • Links to all their social networks (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube).
  • Featured YouTube video from the BlackBerry channel.
  • Twitter feed.
  • Google login.
  • Recent comments section.
  • Tags.

The update looks decent and it makes reading the site a little easier. Overall, I think this is a positive improvement, but I the real value from Inside BlackBerry is going to be from the content. I really liked the most recent article about the trackpad, and I think RIM should put out more of these. At least a feature per day would be ideal.

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