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Free Photo Studio App Updated With BBM, New Frames and New Effects For Your Pics


Instagram is a huge hit on iPhone and a lot of its success can be attributed to the photo effects that it provides. Taking a photo with Instagram always looks great and the same photo effects can be applied using some of the photo editors and Instagram copies on BlackBerry. A free photo effect app called Photo Studio has recently been updated to include BBM Social as well as new effects.
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Add Vintage Effects to Your Photos with LensBoost by MBLWare


LensBoost is a new app by MBLWare that gives your pics a vintage look and then lets you share them with your friends over Twitter, Facebook, and BBM. The app differentiates itself from others on the market by offering a clean UI as well as unique vintage filters/frames. The app also lets you apply these filters to full sized images without the need to crop.
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Smarter Apps Launches Another Top iPhone App Copy InstaPhoto


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Smarter Apps has a pretty obvious app development strategy that involves taking the top iPhone apps and porting them over to BlackBerry. It’s a strategy that probably doesn’t even bother the developers of the original app titles because many of them don’t seem to have any plans for BlackBerry anyways. Smarter Apps isn’t exactly hiding the fact that they’re copying these apps, as they choose names like Angry Farm and InstaPhoto. So what’s next for Smarter Apps? We’re going to guess that they’ll develop one of the following:

Plants vs Ghouls
Vegetable Ninja

We’re just joking around and we actually really like Smarter Apps. We’re thankful somebody is bringing these cool apps to the BlackBerry platform. Their latest app, InstaPhoto, is just what you think it is. You can take pictures and apply a library of 25 preset effects, including tilt shift, custom borders, color effects, grunge textures and decorative frames. You can also share your pics with all your friends via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr.

Check out InstaPhoto in App World at this link.

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Hopefully This Isn’t Instagram for BlackBerry



Sean Percival, VP of Online Marketing at MySpace took a jab at BlackBerry by posting the above joke screenshot of Instagram for BlackBerry. Percival’s intent was to see how well a piece of content could go viral within the Instagram ecosystem, but it’s not very original. The joke is just a copy of the Angry Birds for BlackBerry screenshot that went viral a little while ago. MySpace is going to need a lot more in the way of creativity if it’s going to survive its almost certain plunge into obsolescence.

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