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SHAPE Services Launch Free Version of IM+ Messenger


SHAPE Services have launched an ad-supported free version of their IM+ app for BlackBerry. The IM+ Lite app gives you access to MSN, Yahoo!, Google Talk, AIM, Jabber, ICQ, Facebook, MySpace, Skype and Twitter. The app also features file transfers, online translation and group chats.

This is a very welcomed version of the app as the premium version is $39.95.

Download IM+ for Skype by SHAPE Services for $29.95.

Download IM+ Lite at wap.shapeservices.com.

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Details on the upcoming updates for BIS 2.5 BlackBerry IM clients



Third party BlackBerry Instant Messaging clients are a key component of the BlackBerry experience. Rumor has it that around mid/late September (new device time!), BlackBerry IM clients such as Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger, Google Talk and ICQ will see some really decent updates.

Your third party BlackBerry IM clients will be updated with the following features:

  • Add dedicated icons to the Home Screen for one-click access to conversation boxes of specific contacts. The icon appears as the contact’s display picture or avatar
  • Add contacts and display pictures or avatars to the address book to easily send instant messages, email messages, SMS text messages, or place a call right from the address book or conversation box
  • Search through saved conversations
  • Add dedicated emoticon icons in the conversation box

What updates would you like to see?
Click through to read about the updated BlackBerry IM clients

IM+ All-in-One Messenger for BlackBerry now 50% off



The Deal of the Day was a huge success on BlackBerry Cool and we’ll continue running it every Friday. Each week, we’ll choose a new product and slash the price in half. This week’s deal is IM+ All-in-One Messenger.

IM+ All-in-One-Messenger by SHAPE Services is normally priced at $39.95, and today we’re giving it away at $19.97. IM+ has recently been updated to version 8.0 which supports MSN/Windows Live, Yahoo!, ICQ, AOL, Google Talk, Jabber, MySpace IM, Facebook chat, and Twitter.

This is a great messenger which you may have considered overpriced at first, but now affordable.

Purchase IM+All-in-One Messenger for $19.97.

Stay tuned for our next Deal of the Day!


IM+ partners with Yap for voice-to-text instant messaging


Yap voice-to-text

SHAPE has been getting some bad feedback about their IM clients but they’re listening and are making improvements to their applications. Their latest update to IM+ for BlackBerry includes voice-to-text functionality powered by Yap.

With the latest speech recognition technology, users will be able to dictate their instant messages and send them as text to their contacts in Facebook, AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo!, ICQ, Jabber, Google Talk and MySpaceIM.

Although I would use this product, it’s fun to joke about the social awkwardness surrounding voice-to-text instant messaging. What about the conversations you text that you don’t want people hearing? Let’s hope SEXting doesn’t make its way to voice-to-text.

I’ll let you know when a Beta version is out for you to try.



BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 to have IM folder (BlackBerry Bytes)


BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 im folder

Here’s an interesting piece of news sent to us by our friends over at IntoMobile. It seems as though the BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 will debut a new Folder on the Home Screen: Instant Messaging. It’s a move that makes sense considering the Pearl Flip target demographic and their love of IM. However, don’t despair non-FlipBerry using but IM-loving members of the BlackBerry Nation: the IM folder will be available to all via OS 4.6.1 (now if only I could get my Bold’s “Wireless Upgrade” option to work).

Instant Messaging folder on the BlackBerry Pearl 8220