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RIM Offers Extended Service Plan for Playbook Owners


RIM has begun to offer extended service plans for BlackBerry Playbook at a rate of $129 for 2 years. The plan extends the original warranty for a year as well as adds accidental protection such as spills, drops, impacts and cracked screen along with the promise of no additional fees. Probably a good idea if you’ve got kids or are prone to gadget accidents.

Canadian Playbook owners, $129 for 2 years coverage

US Playbook owners, $129 for 2 years coverage

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Insurance and Finance Sectors React Positively to BlackBerry Tablet


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We recently heard about the Sun Life Financial using the PlayBook to sign up members for group insurance plans and more companies have been discussing the benefits of a BlackBerry PlayBook. RIM’s security is a huge advantage in the enterprise tablet market and according to Sun Life Financial VP Tom Reid, “When you’re transmitting sensitive member information that was our number one priority — to make sure we had the best security protocols.”

It seems insurance and finance sectors are jumping on the PlayBook with ING Groep’s Canadian unit developing a consumer-facing banking application for the PlayBook and considering using the device to replace laptops.

“If RIM lives up to what it has promised — seamless, out of the box connectively to the existing infrastructure — we can address a business need very, very quickly without making major investments,” said Charaka Kithulegoda, chief information officer for the unit.

It should be interesting to see what other companies and sectors adopt the PlayBook.

What Businesses Can Benefit from the BlackBerry PlayBook?


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The PlayBook is going to be very enterprise-friendly and there are a lot of businesses that could potentially benefit from a tablet connected to a BES and synced with the corporate email servers. Recently, Sun Life Financial said it plans to use the PlayBook to help companies increase the number of employees who sign up for group retirement plans.

Sun Life has found that a lot of employees will attend information sessions about group retirement but will leave without having signed up. With a PlayBook, Sun Life will be able to sign up employees on the spot, and the PlayBook will pay for itself quickly.

What other businesses can benefit from a PlayBook? Clinics, hospitals and the healthcare industry will surely grab the PlayBook as patient data is so sensitive, and a secure RIM tablet would be complementary to their services. Anyone in sales will surely want a tablet for presentations and accessing analytics on the go. Do you think your company could benefit from a PlayBook?

Allstate Launches Tag In Service to Connect Family, Friends and Colleagues


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Tag In is a new service by Allstate Mobile that lets you send a quick message and GPS location to friends, family and colleagues. The app complements the Allstate Mobile app which lets you review your account and comes with a checklist so you can organize yourself after a collision. Features of the Tag In app include:
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