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IntelliBerry for BlackBerry helps you find what you need fast



Here’s another great exclusive product release for BlackBerry users that will be available through May 31st. IntelliBerry learns what you access most on your BlackBerry and provides a centralized shortcutting tool to accelerate finding Apps, Contacts, and Files.

IntelliBerry is available from now through April 30th for a special introductory price of $4.95. That’s $2.00 off the retail price of $6.95.


Find what you need with a global search app for BlackBerry



Makers of the popular Quick Pull and MessageScheduler have recently released IntelliBerry, a utility that lets BlackBerry users search their contacts, apps and files. Additionally, you can program shortcuts – Magic Words – into IntelliBerry that allow you to efficiently search the web for images, Wikipedia articles, books, and more. I’m fairly skeptical of universal search software, and I like using a variety of searches that are designed specifically for unique contexts. I’m not sure if it’s because I believe there is a void of excellent universal search software, or if I’m simply too accustomed to my ways. In any event, I decided to give IntelliBerry a try and in some ways, I was impressed; in others not so much.
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