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BlackBerry Messenger 7 Receives Free WiFi Voice Calls for BBM Contacts


BBM 7 launched with free BBM WiFi Voice Chat that allows users to call anyone on their BBM contacts list for free.

BBM Voice requires a WiFi connection for both parties a lot like the BlackBerry Playbook video chat. Users know which contacts are free to receive calls by way of active status icons. While engaged in a BBM Voice call, users can still navigate to other BBM conversations or do anything they wish short of making other voice calls.

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NTT Docomo Launches Real Time Voice Translation


Japan’s largest carrier NTT Docomo is rolling out their real time voice translation system called Hanashite Hon’yaku. Able to translate between Japanese and English, Mandarin and Korean, the new system will be rolling out support for other languages later in the month.
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MO-Call Launch Cheap International Calling App for BlackBerry


MO-Call have launched a BlackBerry app which offers cheap international calling and SMS rates. The app seems to work much like a calling card, in that when you launch the app, it will re-route calls through a different number and use credits that you purchase at their site. The rates seem pretty competitive, and it lists the following for the US:

Fixed: $0.020/min
Mobile: $0.020/min
SMS: $0.124/msg

You can find out more about their rates from their site.

To download MO-Call, point your browser to mo-call.mobi or visit their site for more information.

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Save your business money on international calls



Truphone, a global provider of low cost international mobile calls, has announced the launch of Truphone Business, a BlackBerry application enabling business users to make international phone calls from their devices at fixed line rates, typically saving 50% or more on call charges.

Truphone’s global infrastructure means that these savings are available for calls made from the UK to every destination globally, while never compromising on call quality. Moreover, Truphone Business is entirely invisible to end users who simply dial an international number as usual, without noticing that the call is being connected by Truphone.
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AT&T to offer cheaper international texting?


Word has it that CingAT&T is going to be offering 100 international texts for $9.99/month. While we’re paying the standard $0.20 per overseas SMS, receiving them is free on both Bell and Rogers (vs. $0.15 to receive down south). On that front, Canadians aren’t grinding their teeth, but if AT&T’s new deal catches on, you can count on BBCool moaning plenty more.