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Carrier-side adult content control by Flash Networks


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Recently, a BlackBerry Cool reader emailed me asking how to protect his daughter’s BlackBerry from adult content. His email was indicative of a growing number of parents whose children own smartphones and have access to inappropriate content.

Flash Networks provides mobile Internet Quality of Experience (QoE) solutions, which include filtering adult content from the mobile Internet. Their product has been around for some time now, and has evolved into a formidable solution for controlling content on both the traditional mobile web, as well as the more complex web 2.0.

Existing mobile Internet safety solutions, such as “URL Filtering,” rely on pre-classification of the Internet into several categories. Requests are matched to a pre-existing list and access is either granted or blocked accordingly. More advanced solutions are able to address the challenges associated with “Web 2.0”, categorizing content on the fly, thereby enabling filtering of user-generated content websites, such as MySpace, which are beyond the scope of URL Filtering solutions.
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