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Opera Mini 6.5 Released for BlackBerry


Today, Opera released the latest version of Opera Mini. If you’re looking for an alternative to the native BlackBerry browser, I recommend checking it out. I had the chance to meet with Mahi de Silva, EVP of Consumer Mobile, at the Open Mobile Summit being held in San Francisco. We spoke at length about how Opera has been providing browsing capabilities worldwide for over 15 years. What really impressed me with the latest version of Opera was the browsers data optimization features.
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New RIM Patent Aims To Speed Up Your Internet Connection



RIM have filed a patent with the US Patent and Trademark office that seeks to speed up your Internet connection by setting up a proxy server on the device. The patent is titled “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR ENHANCING NETWORK BROWSING SPEED BY SETTING A PROXY SERVER ON A HANDHELD DEVICE.”
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Carrier-side adult content control by Flash Networks


safe browsing

Recently, a BlackBerry Cool reader emailed me asking how to protect his daughter’s BlackBerry from adult content. His email was indicative of a growing number of parents whose children own smartphones and have access to inappropriate content.

Flash Networks provides mobile Internet Quality of Experience (QoE) solutions, which include filtering adult content from the mobile Internet. Their product has been around for some time now, and has evolved into a formidable solution for controlling content on both the traditional mobile web, as well as the more complex web 2.0.

Existing mobile Internet safety solutions, such as “URL Filtering,” rely on pre-classification of the Internet into several categories. Requests are matched to a pre-existing list and access is either granted or blocked accordingly. More advanced solutions are able to address the challenges associated with “Web 2.0”, categorizing content on the fly, thereby enabling filtering of user-generated content websites, such as MySpace, which are beyond the scope of URL Filtering solutions.
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Find what you need with a global search app for BlackBerry



Makers of the popular Quick Pull and MessageScheduler have recently released IntelliBerry, a utility that lets BlackBerry users search their contacts, apps and files. Additionally, you can program shortcuts – Magic Words – into IntelliBerry that allow you to efficiently search the web for images, Wikipedia articles, books, and more. I’m fairly skeptical of universal search software, and I like using a variety of searches that are designed specifically for unique contexts. I’m not sure if it’s because I believe there is a void of excellent universal search software, or if I’m simply too accustomed to my ways. In any event, I decided to give IntelliBerry a try and in some ways, I was impressed; in others not so much.
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BlackBerry Cool mentioned in reputable paper


blackberry mom

From time to time, people from outside of the BlackBerry Nation like to peer into our world to figure out exactly why we spend so much time using our thumbs. To help them along the way, we’re often interviewed to provide our (ahem) expert analysis and opinion. Recently, I had the opportunity to sit down with the San Antonio Express-News for an article entitled ‘Smartphones place the Internet in more hands‘. Because I’m an ego-maniac, I’ve decided to quote myself here:

“We’re in a world where a lot of people don’t work 9-to-5 in offices,” he says. “They go to meetings. They are at job sites, or at clients’ offices. Not everyone commutes to an office and sits at a desk. You need to be able to work from wherever you are now.”

“For the majority of people,” he says, “to access a few Web sites, check e-mails, read news, use a document, maybe watch some videos, is all they need. And the ability to have that in the palm of your hand, wherever you go, is huge.”

All joking aside, it’s an interesting article that investigates how something as simple as a smartphone can shift one’s lifestyle to focus on where they are, not where they need to be. Check it out.

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Author claims BlackBerry is ruining the internet


Sad faceJonathan Zittrain, recent author of “The Future of the Internet”, has attacked closed internet-enabled platforms (such as Xbox, the iPhone and BlackBerry) for stunting the collaborative forces which got the internet going in the first place.

“The challenge to the technologists is to build technologies to let people of good faith help without having to devote their lives to it. … I don’t want to see a two-tier world where only the experts can survive … and the non-experts are stuck between something they don’t understand and something that limits them.”

There are certainly some people who take issue with the way BlackBerry development goes now… What do you guys think? Are the big names shooting themselves in the foot by creating such a high barrier for entry and potentially limiting broader collaboration?