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Mobile internet usage on the rise, says Google


The Safari iconEvidence gathered from Google’s mobile offerings indicates that mobile internet usage is on the rise in a big way, reports Electronista. Google has seen mobile internet use increase since they released mobile versions of some of their products, like Gmail, Maps, and Search. A Reuters analyst, however, pointed out that it might a sort of selection bias on the part of Google, with people simply using their products more often rather than the internet in general. Still, some evidence points in the other direction: Google receives 50 times more searches from iPhone users than any other phone. Who would have thought a decent browser might actually get used more often?

Royal Bank of Canada launches mobile site


RBC logoThe RBC, or Royal Bank of Canada, has launched a new mobile site for their customers. A completely stripped down home page allows you to access your online banking with all the features that entails, the main RBC site, and their terms and conditions. For those Canadians banking from the Quebec side, it even has a French version. Last year RIM overtook RBC as the largest Canadian company out there. I guess if you can’t beat ‘em, might as well join ‘em.


Telus launches Wireless Solutions Roadmap Assessment


TelusWe just got wind that Telus has this nifty new service called the Wireless Solutions Roadmap, launched on the basis that Canadian companies are willing to adopt new wireless solutions, but simply need some guidance in figuring out what those solutions are. This online service is pretty comprehensive, assessing a company’s mobile e-mail and internet access, navigation, asset tracking and dispatch, and a wide range of other facets vital to corporate operations. Additionally, Telus has some metrics in place to see how your company stacks up against others in terms of handling these things.

After running through a few of the scenarios, it’s clear that this program is designed to make companies seriously reconsider their wireless strategy. Now, this could be seen as a way for Telus to hawk their own solutions by convincing execs that their company has problems that they really don’t, but it could be worth their while if there is something that needs fixing.

EXCLUSIVE: The Next BlackBerry Browser


New BlackBerry BrowserWhooboy, here’s a summertime surprise for ya. An “anonymous BBCool fanatic” (finally, no silly nom de guerre) sent this to us last night and man does it get the BlackBerry fanatic in us pumped. Web browsing on the BlackBerry is almost universally derided by smartphone users (and mostly with good cause) — anything RIM can do to improve what some would say is the second most important feature of their devices is a big step.

From what we’ve been told, the most important feature enhancement is “tabbed” browsing support. There is also a new browser “home screen” that sports a listed history (with favicon.ico support, no less) and “search provider” functionality, courtesy of Google, Yahoo, Dictionary.com, IMDb.com, and Wikipedia. Although we won’t be getting our dirty mitts on the new browser until the fall (hmm, just in time for a new BlackBerry launch), this might just make Opera obsolete for BlackBerry users.

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