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Relay Ventures (New BlackBerry Partners Fund) Launches $150M Mobile Fund


The BlackBerry Partners Fund isn’t so much an investment arm of RIM as it is a tech investment fund that invests in North American tech companies. Relay Ventures (the new brand for the BlackBerry Partners Fund), has commenced its second $150M mobile fund. Like its predecessor, the new fund will continue to be an independently managed, platform agnostic, earlystage venture fund with a singular focus on mobile computing.
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Rogers to Invest $80 Million to Expand 4G HSPA+ to Maritimes


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Rogers is expanding its 4G HSPA+ network out to the Maritimes with an $80 million investment. The investment will help expand the network to cover 94% of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island which includes almost one million more people. Customers across all parts of the region will benefit from faster data speeds and stronger signal strength. Work on the wireless network will begin later this month and new coverage areas will be announced throughout the construction period, which will continue throughout 2012.

Read more about the investment over at the Rogers blog.

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The BlackBerry Partners Fund Leads $2M Seed Investment in Fuse Powered Inc.


blackberry partners fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has been really active over the years creating funds for companies in fields related to the BlackBerry platform. Whether these companies are directly building products for BlackBerry or in markets that RIM could take advantage of, the Partners Fund has been there to seed companies through initial development. Recently, the Partners Fund lead a $2M seed investment in Fuse Powered Inc.. Fuse is an interesting company that publishes digital mobile games.

The mobile gaming space is growing rapidly but will it ever become like the console publishing business? The problem with mobile gaming is that you’re forever constrained by the fact that the price for a mobile game has been set at $2. Console games will run you $60 and therefore can do a lot more. The mobile space has the potential to be more powerful than console gaming, but it’s going to take a lot to get the market to shift to a price point that is conducive of a strong business.

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Partners Fund Invests in Telecom Expense Management Solution Anomalous Networks


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“Bill Shock” has been an issue that almost every heavy smartphone user has experienced at one point or another. With SMS, roaming, data and voice charges, your bill can pile up pretty quickly, regardless if you’re enterprise or consumer. Anomalous Networks is a company that has announced financing from the BlackBerry Partners Fund and Anges Quebec to help reduce Bill Shock and provide customers with alerts and warnings before they enter a roaming situation or are about to reach their plan limits.
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BlackBerry Partners Fund Merges to Focus on Mobile Investments WorldWide


blackberry partners fund

The BlackBerry Partners Fund has announced that its co-managers have merged to create a globally competitive investment manager focused exclusively on mobile investment opportunities (i.e. JLA Ventures, RBC Venture Partners and BlackBerry Partners Fund will all be managed under a merged entity). The merger provides a platform for the growth and global expansion of the BlackBerry Partners Fund brand.

This should be a great opportunity for companies around the world seeking investment. There are a lot of hot companies in mobile right now, and not all of them are in North America. Latin America, Indonesia, India and China are all booming right now with tech companies and it will be interesting to see the innovation that springs up.

More information available in the press release.

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Citi Investment analyst advises you keep buying RIM stock



Analysts are saying that RIM’s shares will come under pressure as new devices are being launched by the competition. The Palm Pre, Android and iPhone updates are going to force RIM to feel some competitive heat, but in general, investors aren’t worried.

“We expect RIM shares to face trickier waters over the next few weeks,” Citi Investment Research analyst Jim Suva wrote in a note to clients this week.

He advised clients to remain buyers of the stock with a $100 target price.

“Near-term events aside, we think RIM is on right side of changing handset industry dynamics,” he wrote.

RIM shares were 1.3 percent higher at $83.21 on Nasdaq. In Toronto, they inched 20 Canadian cents higher to C$89.76.