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CNBC Announces CNBC Pro Mobile Suite for Investors



CNBC has announced an app for investors called CNBC Pro that offers a suite of services, including real-time global market data, live access to CNBC programming, and price and news alerts. The app comes at a pretty hefty price for the average consumer, at $24.99.month or $269.99/year, but it’s tailored for investors who will ideally able to make a significant amount of money with this data at their fingertips. Features of CNBC Pro include:
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Wikinvest Launches Investment Portfolio Tracking App



Wikinvest has launched a BlackBerry app that lets you track your portfolios across multiple brokerage accounts. The downside of the app is that you can’t trade from within the application – a feature that many mobile websites offer. The Wikinvest service you to seamlessly import your data from your brokerage and other investment accounts and get pushed, real-time market data.

Something to consider with this app, is whether you want to share your portfolio information with the company in exchange for the mobile convenience. Overall, Wikinvest is doing well with over $16 billion in assets being tracked across 62,000 Wikinvest members. So there is some comfort in knowing that it’s a service trusted by many.

To download the Wikinvest app, point your browser to wikinvest.com/bb.

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BlackBerry Partners Fund invests in mobile advertising


blackberry partners fund

You know a company is doing something right in the BlackBerry space when they’ve received funding from the BlackBerry Partners Fund. The most recent company to catch the attention of the BlackBerry investment group is Nexage.

Nexage announced that it has closed US$4M in Series A funding from the BlackBerry Partners Fund and GrandBanks Capital.

Nexage’s initial product, AdMax is a mobile ad mediation and optimization solution that enables mobile publishers to maximize revenues from mobile ads while reducing internal operating expenses by connecting to multiple ad networks.

With investment from the BlackBerry Partners Fund, Nexage will build out its mobile advertising platform, which supports fragmented media types (mobile web, SMS, in-game and video advertising) in a single solution.

This is a great opportunity for BlackBerry in that mobile advertising is growing at a steady rate, and advertisers are seeing very favorable click-through rates. Mobile advertising is seen by many as a way of reducing the price of software while recovering development costs through advertisements.


BMO Harris Private Banking predicts success for RIM



Paul Taylor, chief investment officer of BMO Harris Private Banking, has great things to say about investing in Research in Motion Ltd.

This is unusual given that Taylor has been shifting money out of “defensive” areas such as telecommunications, utilities and consumer staples and into “cyclical” industries, including energy, base metals, technology and consumer discretionary.

The reason he’s sticking with RIM?

“These are still early days for the conversion from ‘dumb phones’ to smart-phones,” Taylor said. “A lot of people are concerned about [iPhone maker] Apple, but there’s plenty of space for both Research In Motion and Apple to be tremendously successful.”

The general idea here is that the smartphone market isn’t as simple as a pie and everyone is trying to get their piece. The pie is ever expanding and there is room for several major smartphone players.