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CNBC Announces CNBC Pro Mobile Suite for Investors



CNBC has announced an app for investors called CNBC Pro that offers a suite of services, including real-time global market data, live access to CNBC programming, and price and news alerts. The app comes at a pretty hefty price for the average consumer, at $24.99.month or $269.99/year, but it’s tailored for investors who will ideally able to make a significant amount of money with this data at their fingertips. Features of CNBC Pro include:
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Wikinvest Launches Investment Portfolio Tracking App



Wikinvest has launched a BlackBerry app that lets you track your portfolios across multiple brokerage accounts. The downside of the app is that you can’t trade from within the application – a feature that many mobile websites offer. The Wikinvest service you to seamlessly import your data from your brokerage and other investment accounts and get pushed, real-time market data.

Something to consider with this app, is whether you want to share your portfolio information with the company in exchange for the mobile convenience. Overall, Wikinvest is doing well with over $16 billion in assets being tracked across 62,000 Wikinvest members. So there is some comfort in knowing that it’s a service trusted by many.

To download the Wikinvest app, point your browser to wikinvest.com/bb.

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RIM Investor Update for Q3 Fiscal 2010



With the fiscal 2010 Q3 earnings conference call happening this Thursday, investors and analysts are getting ready to scrutinize Jim Balsillie’s speech as well as their accounting details. Raymond James analyst Steven Li is expecting both good and bad news. The good: RIM has launched a number of successful devices. The bad: Motorola’s Droid is eating sales at Verizon and low Bold 9700 pricing may be hurting Curve sales. Gus Papageorgiou, a Scotia Capital analyst, is recommending investors to stay in for the 4th as he expects it to be a favorable quarter.

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LIVE BLOG: RIM Conference Call


Jim Balsillie

RIM’s fiscal Q3 2009 statement has been filed and the investor conference call is about to begin. Join in as we liveblog the hell out of it.

RIM conference call live blog!

Two very different takes on RIM’s stock


It’s not uncommon to find two opposing financial analysts on RIM’s stock in even the best of times, so it should come as no surprise that during the current global economic crisis we can’t get two analysts to agree on anything.

First we have Apple shareholder Howard Lindzon of Knight’s Bridge Capital, who is not so much down on RIM as he is long on Apple. However, he does state that RIM is “chasing Apple”, and should not cannibalize their sales with the BlackBerry Bold and Storm, but rather focus on improving the BlackBerry Curve. Hmmm. (via Yahoo!)

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All about the BlackBerry Partners Fund (audio interview)


BlackBerry Partners Fund

We talked with Rick Segal from the $150 million BlackBerry Partners Fund recently to go over the broad strokes of the venture capital initiative, as well as some of the finer points about the firm’s goals and their partners. Currently, they’re taking applications not just for BlackBerry developers started, but any mobile software projects. With the iPhone and iPod App Store in full tilt, this is a ripe opportunity for entrepreneurs to tap not only the lucrative BlackBerry scene, but all mobile platforms. Any developers out there who really want to catch the the Partners Fund’s eye should check out the competition they’re running at the BlackBerry Developer Conference in October, where winners will get upwards of $150,000 in investment prizes…

Take a listen to our interview with Rick Segal from the BlackBerry Partners Fund and excerpts behind the jump!