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A Minute is Still Far Too Long For the PlayBook to Boot


We’ve seen the PlayBook several times being demoed but the boot screen hasn’t been shown off all that much. Considering how long it takes for a BlackBerry to start up, avid BlackBerry users are pretty keen on knowing how long it will take a PlayBook to boot. In recent demos of the PlayBook, we’ve heard the QNX team say that they’ve had the boot time for the PlayBook down to around 30 seconds but this Best Buy demo unit shows it takes 30 seconds plus another 30 seconds of intro video. A full minute is far too long for the PlayBook to start up. It takes the iPad 2 around 20 seconds to reboot and this is what RIM needs to set as their minimum. We’re hoping this boot time goes down significantly with updates and RIM also includes a loading bar so we know roughly how long to expect.

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Will the PlayBook Generate Lines Like the iPad 2?


ipad 2
A line for the iPad 2 in Ottawa, Canada. The line went all the way outside the mall.

Apple has a great history of being able to generate lines for their products. It’s a combination of their product development cycle and their ability to create a loyal following that makes consumers want to be among the first to have their products.

Back at one of the AGMs, someone bluntly asked Jim Balsillie why RIM is unable to create a similar buzz and while the question was dodged a little, it’s definitely a fair point that speaks to the two companies’ different product and marketing strategies. But maybe the PlayBook will be different. On the one hand, consumers are probably really interested in the PlayBook and surely some want to be among the first to own it, but RIM has also been showcasing this product for months now and a lot of the allure seems gone. We’ve seen the same demo of the PlayBook over and over and over and over and over.

Will you be lining up for a PlayBook?

If you don’t think the PlayBook will generate lines, maybe someone should hire actors to stand in line for a PlayBook and dupe the local media. At least it would make for a hilarious blog post.

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Tablets at SXSWi: How the Big Three Were Positioning Themselves


ipad 2
Alexia Tsotsis interviewing an iPad 2 owner. At one point he said “I’m so excited I can’t talk.” I think that perfectly sums up Apple fans.

While SXSWi was mostly about apps and software, there was still some buzz about tablets. The three big players were there showing off their tablets: Android had the Motorola XOOM, Apple had their iPad 2 and RIM was present with the PlayBook. All three players had different strategies at the show and some were by far more effective than others.
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Leaked Training Doc Shows BlackBerry PlayBook Coming to Staples in April


staples playbook training

A picture of a training doc shows that Staples will be running training sessions for the PlayBook on March 30th, which bodes well for the rumor that the device will launch April 10th. With the tablet arriving after the iPad 2 and the Motorola XOOM, you have to wonder what’s left for RIM in the consumer space. Even though they seem late to the consumer game, they’ll still have the enterprise and loyal customer base to prop up initial sales.
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