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BlackBerryCool Roundup for the Week of July 12th


There was a lot of news this week about the upcoming BlackBerry tablet. So far, we know it’s a companion device like the Palm Foleo, and it will feature Flash support. It’s hard to have an opinion on it as it’s so speculative and we haven’t even seen a leaked picture of it yet.

Also in the news this week, today Steve Jobs claimed at his iPhone 4 Antenna Press Event, that the Bold 9700 is one of several other smartphones that has an antenna issue and is affected by a “Death Grip”. Personally, I’ve never had this issue and I have no idea what Jobs is talking about. One user even sent us a video of trying to Death Grip his Bold 9700 in every way possible and it simply doesn’t work. It would be great to hear RIM engineers sound off on this one because if Apple is making false claims about the device, they could be liable. Click through after the jump to catch up on a week of BlackBerry news, reviews and community discussion.
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Steve Jobs Claims BlackBerry Bold 9700 Has Antenna Issues


Steve Jobs press event

At Apple’s iPhone 4 press conference today, Steve Jobs tried to deflect criticism from the iPhone’s antenna issues by saying that other devices, including the BlackBerry Bold 9700, have antenna issues and that these devices will drop from 5 bars to 1.

From a purely anecdotal standpoint, I have no idea what Jobs is talking about. Any time my Bold 9700 has dropped in signal strength, it has been very obvious why. If I’m in a basement, or away from a cell tower, the reception drops naturally, but I have never experienced anything like the iPhone 4’s “Death Grip”.

This seems like a totally unsubstantiated attack on RIM and it would be great to see RIM’s engineers respond. Have you ever experienced a Death Grip issue on a Bold 9700? Let us know in the comments.

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Apple WWDC Takeaways from a BlackBerry User Perspective


Today, Steve Jobs presented his State of the Apple keynote address at WWDC. The event began with some interesting data regarding the platform, and culminated in the launch of the iPhone 4. As usual, the event was generally well put together, with only a minor hiccup in the demo process because according to the organizers, 570 WiFi base stations in the room kills connectivity.

In the introduction phase of the keynote, Jobs pointed out some interesting statistics about their App Store. There are currently 225,000 apps, with 15k apps submitted every week, in 30 different languages and 95% are approved within 7 days. In order to address the media’s attention over those apps which are not approved, Jobs pointed out that apps that are not approved are for the following three reasons:
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