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BBC Confirms Native BlackBerry Apps Coming Later This Year


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It seems like forever that users have been waiting for BBC content to be made available for their BlackBerry. Not too long ago, BBC announced an iPlayer app for BlackBerry that turned out to be a weblink to their online content, not a native app. Today, the BBC announced that they are continuing with the development of native smartphone apps that should be available “later in the year.” The first app to launch won’t be anything too spectacular and will probably just be their news app which is already available for the iPhone. It would be great to see the BBC launch a full BBC experience with TV programming, radio and written news content. Maybe that’s a pipe dream.

BBC iPlayer Available for Bold 9700 and Storm2 Over WiFi Via Mobile Site


There are a ton of conditions in that title, isn’t there? The BBC iPlayer is now available as a mobile site that you can only access over WiFi, with from what I’ve read only the 9700 and the Storm2. While trying to access the site over 3G on Rogers, I got an error saying that the content is only available over 3G in the UK on 3′s network. By using WiFi, this seems to solve the problem and I can watch full videos and small clips from the site. Personally, I think it’s too bad that the player didn’t come as a BlackBerry app, as we all know the browser is relatively slow.

Check out the BBC iPlayer for the 9700 and Storm2 from bbc.co.uk/mobile/bbapps/.