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ChargeCard Announces a BlackBerry Compatible Micro USB Mobile Charging Solution


Chargecard is an amazingly portable charging solution that also acts as a USB cable. ChargeCard is the width of a couple of credit cards and fits comfortably in wallets and tiny purses. Other changing solutions usually involve a bulky battery pack and cable while ChargeCard solves all of that with elegant design.
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Review: Nao Symphony – Play music wirelessly from your BlackBerry over WiFi



Nao Symphony by Cignias is a speaker system that wirelessly interacts with your BlackBerry over Bluetooth or WiFi. The Nao Symphony system also has an iPod dock, so you can wirelessly control music on your iPod, from your BlackBerry, and play it all through the Nao Symphony speakers. This is the first time I have seen a speaker solution that comes with full support for BlackBerry, and isn’t just an iPod dock that is also compatible for BlackBerry.
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Take this survey for a chance to win a 1GB iPod Shuffle and help improve a cool BlackBerry application!


vlingo survey

As you all know, BlackBerry Cool takes special care keep our readers informed of new BlackBerry software. We also love helping BlackBerry developers by providing feedback on their software, so they can tweak it just right for the BlackBerry Nation. We got an email today from our friends at vlingo that allows us to do both in one shot, so we had to post about it. Check it out:

A month ago we launched vlingo for BlackBerry, a free application that enables you to control BlackBerry phones with the power of your voice. All you need is just one button and a few spoken words to send emails and text messages, search the web, open applications and much more.

We are now asking for your help to improve vlingo and also reach a larger number of users. You don’t need to have tried our product to contribute; we will welcome and pay careful attention to the input of the BlackBerry Cool community. The survey is short (5 minutes) and we are entering respondents in for a chance to win a 1GB iPod Shuffle.

So what do you say, folks? Do you want to help our friends at vlingo and have the chance to win a 1GB iPod shuffle? Just hit the link below and fill out the survey!

Vlingo Mobile Phone Usage Survey

(Contest open to US residents only, ending August 8, 2008)

Daylite 3.5 lets Mac users get their BB sync on


MarketcircleMarketcircle recently announced an update to their Daylite productivity tool. A quick look over to their blog reveals the big changes, namely turning a single-device sync application into a calendar and contact sharing service for up to 50 users. They’ve included a Trash bin to give you a little extra wriggle room when it comes to accidental deletes, and around 300 help articles to help you work your way around the software. If BlackBerry isn’t your thing and you’re all about the Apple, Daylite works with the iPhone and iPod, in addition to Windows Mobile and Palm devices. If your Mac-ified office could use something like this, check out Marketcircle’s site.