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Sonny Vu, CEO of Misfit Wearables, on the future of wearables #WebSummit


Misfit Wearables has had some great success in the wearable tech space. Its first product, Shine, is an activity tracker with fashion appeal. The product, according to CEO Sonny Vu, wasn’t even taken seriously by the company until its massive success on Indiegogo. Before they launched the Indiegogo page, Sonny wasn’t entirely sure why people were buying activity trackers and whether or not it was a passing fad. More than $800,000 later, Shine was crowdfunded and on its way to production. This product also kickstarted the company into the wearable industry, and led it to get a much better understanding of the wearable space and where it’s going. This was the focus of Sonny Vu’s talk at Web Summit 2014.

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Nest and Electric Ireland announce free thermostats with 2 year plan #WebSummit


At Web Summit 2014, in Dublin, Ireland, Tony Fadell of Google took the stage to announce a partnership with Nest and Electric Ireland that would give anyone in Ireland with a 2 year hydro plan a free thermostat with a free installation. The move is interesting because it brings a smartphone-like savings plan to the realm of smart thermostats.

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RIM Acquires Mobile Content and Cloud Services Provider NewBay


NewBay is an Ireland-based digital content services company that specializes in white-label solutions for mobile carriers. Some of their products include social networking tools, mobile video content delivery, mobile messaging, utilities, as well as tailor made mobile OSes for mobile carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T. The company also has a significant presence in the cloud services space which is probably the cause of the acquisition. More after the jump.
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Otterbox Makes BlackBerry PlayBook Defender Series Case and It’s Huge


otterbox playbook defender series

While at the BlackBerry World conference in Orlando this past week, I was given the opportunity to check out all kinds of BlackBerry protective gear. The company that stood out the most to me was Otterbox. Being the klutz that I am, protective gear for my BlackBerry is always of utmost importance.

I was able to chat with Otterbox, who hooked me up with a black Commuter Series case for my Bold 9700, and a hard plastic stand for my PlayBook. What’s nice about their smartphone cases in particular is that they don’t add a whole lot of bulk to your phone. They’ve got a sleek style, and unlike some other smartphone cases, it doesn’t make my BlackBerry look like a half-morphed Transformer.
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Samsung hires former RIM exec Marcus Stone


Samsung has made a play to improve their enterprise market share today, naming former RIM executive Marcus Stone as the head of Smartphones UK and Ireland. Stone had held several sales and marketing positions during his seven years at RIM. Derek Williamson, Samsung’s general manager, while announcing the new hire, also addressed the need to specifically target the enterprise market.

Williamson said: ‘As we grow more rapidly within the UK smartphone market, it is critical that we assign more time and focus on this sector. We already have an exciting smartphone portfolio with an extensive range, and we have plenty more to come with some incredible products planned for next year.’

I guess there is more than one reason why RIM is hiring.

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BlackBerry sales picking up in Ireland


IrelandThanks to the Pearl, O2’s BlackBerry sales in Ireland are reaching unprecedented levels.

“We’re now doing the same volume on a month-to-month basis that it took us to do in the first two years of selling BlackBerry products,” said Billy D’Arcy, O2’s head of business sales and services.

D’Arcy goes over some key points that explain the recent explosion, and why sales haven’t been better over the six years that O2 has been carrying BlackBerry devices. For one, he says that it takes time for the technology to work into the roots of the business community as a viable solution. It takes a lot of convincing to get a company to adopt a single device as the wide-spanning standard.

Second, the way that the Pearl has softened the business edge off BlackBerry has had tremendous effect on the perceptions of the brand. Surely the Curve’s release there last Wednesday will do well to further emphasize that level of appeal. Thirdly, changes in labour paradigms have made working from home more acceptable than it once was. Instead of being seen as invasive, BlackBerrys are letting folks telecommute.

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