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Kuwait and Pakistan Block BlackBerry Service


BlackBerry is having some issues in Kuwait and Pakistan. In Kuwait, the Ministry of Interior is planning to stop BlackBerry Messenger. The issue is that BBM cannot be controlled by the Ministry of Communications or security authorities and hence, users of BlackBerry sets were taking advantage to spread rumors and call for strikes.

In Pakistan, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has also banned the use of all BlackBerry services “until further notice”. In addition, some 450 sites including Twitter and other social networks have been banned by the PTA. This is all on the heels of the massive Facebook ban due to “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” that caused serious uproar in Pakistan.

Free Salat Reminder App for BlackBerry with Location Detection


SalatMK is a daily muslim prayer time and reminder app for BlackBerry that uses GPS or cell tower to determine your location and set the reminder appropriately. This app can be used without a data package so it’s good for anyone traveling.

Features include:

  • Calculation based on world standards.
  • No need to select cities.
  • Travel and update prayer time as and where you are.
  • Full GPS support. No need to use data.
  • Support location based on celltower. Update location even in building. (Please enable your APN settings).
  • Salat reminder five times a day.
  • Hijri calander with notification of important date.
  • Free for life.

Download the free salat app for BlackBerry from our store.