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BlackBerry Torch Sells 150K Units Over Weekend and Costs $183 to Build


blackberry torch teardown

Analysts at RBC Capital Marktets and Stifel Nicolaus are saying that sales of the BlackBerry Torch are at around 150,000 during the first weekend. Although the WSJ compares this to Apple and its 1.7 million iPhone 4 units sold in the first three days, RIM’s device sales follow a different trend. Enterprise clients, for example, generally don’t purchase on launch day and these sales will trickle in over the course of the next few months.
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BusinessWeek: BlackBerry Bold costs $169.41 to produce


BlackBerry Bold

Estimating how much any given smartphone costs to produce is always a interesting topic, because it allows industry analysts to guess at just how much money manufacturers are making off their devices. BusinessWeek is reporting that market research firm iSuppli has performed a ‘tear-down analysis’ of the BlackBerry Bold’s private parts and determined that the parts and materials used to make the Bold cost $158.16. With the added cost of assembly and testing, the final cost is $169.41.

“That’s a nice price,” says Charles Wolf, an analyst at Needham & Co. in New York. Assuming RIM sells the device to carriers at about $350, the component costs imply a gross margin of about 45%, in keeping with the gross margins on other RIM devices, he says. The cost estimates from iSuppli don’t include several expenses, including software, marketing, and shipping, and so don’t give a precise indication of the device’s margins.

In comparison, the estimated assembly cost for the BlackBerry Curve is $103, while the iPhone 3G came in at $174.33. If RIM can ever get the Bold launched on AT&T, they’ll be seeing a pretty good return, and a better margin than Apple’s making on the iPhone 3G.

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RIM was actually the one to rock the summer


iPhoneAlthough we were talking primarily about penetration numbers when it came to iSuppli’s report on the iPhone’s summer performance, apparently some folks were interpreting other comments to mean that the iPhone was outselling RIM’s entire lineup. The opposite is actually true: the sum total of RIM’s phones combined have outsold the two iPhone models 2-to-1 this summer, but the iPhone did manage to outsell any individual smartphone (which is still pretty awesome). iSuppli has clarified the issue thusly:

“iSuppli’s sell-through research and the subsequent press release indicated that the iPhone outsold all smart phone models in July in the United States on an individual basis. While iSuppli stands by this analysis, it is important to note that iPhone’s retail sales did not exceed the combined retail sales of the entire BlackBerry line of smart phones (approximately twice that of the iPhone if taken in total) in the United States in July.”

iPhone rocks summer smartphone sales


iPhoneWith the summer drawing to a close, the numbers for the initial wave of iPhone sales are shaping up, and they’re pretty impressive. iSuppli is reporting 220,000 out of 2 million surveyed have bought one, which translates to a 1.8% grab of the market. On top of that, they’re forecasting 4.5 million before the end of the year and 30 million units in the public by 2011. Earlier, we were looking at a total of 6% market penetration, and with a start like this summers’, it’s entirely likely. Just to put these numbers in perspective…

“The two models of the iPhone on the market sold more than Research in Motion’s Blackberry series, the entire Palm portfolio and any individual smartphone model from Motorola, Nokia or Samsung.”