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FancyFon remote device management becomes RIM ISV partner



FancyFon allows companies to manage devices on their network over the Internet. Their mobile software interacts with servers and databases, to provide large organizations and government with the ability to rollout new services OTA as well as provide remote support and diagnostics.

FancyFon will be taking their services to the BlackBerry space, now that they have recently become an official BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor (ISV). The company began their Alpha support for BlackBerry back in December of 2008, meaning they’ve had 2 years of supporting other platforms until now.

While we’ve written about several companies that offer remote BlackBerry support, we’re going to continue to cover everyone in the space. It’s the easiest way to remain unbiased.

The FancyFon FAMOC device management platform can support multiple BlackBerry Enterprise Servers (version 4.0, with plans to support version 5.0 by Q3 2009).

With so many companies providing remote BlackBerry support, the market is becoming increasingly specialized and tailored to specific markets. It’s not clear what competitive advantage FancyFon provides, so perhaps we’ll get them on BlackBerry Cool to explain it themselves.


CommSolv Joins BlackBerry Alliance Program


Press Release

Toronto, ON – CommSolv, a leader in Communications Asset Management solutions for wireless and wireline networks announces that it has joined the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Alliance Program.

Membership in the BlackBerry Alliance Program has helped CommSolv develop a seamlessly integrated wireless device management solution for BlackBerry Enterprise Server on CommSolv’s Mobile Asset Management platform. The CommSolv Communications Asset Management platform enables enterprises to centralize the control of their corporate wireless assets, making it easy for them to:

    * Save money and increase budget predictability by establishing and enforcing corporate policies about the phones, service plans and features that each employee is allowed to order.
    * Increase control of assets and sensitive data by centrally storing and automatically updating the record of all their wireless assets, who they are assigned to and their statuses.
    * Increase customer satisfaction by providing a self-service portal for new wireless service requests and service changes.
    * Increase IT efficiency by managing service provider orders and synchronizing inventory with new service orders and service changes.
    * Increase IT efficiency and auditing capability by standardizing workflow process flows for new, disconnected and changed assets

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Varicent joins ISV Alliance


VaricentVaricent has just kicked off their new mobile sales performance management software by announcing membership into RIM’s Independent Software Vendor Alliance. In addition to letting management-types get the typical high-level business intelligence while on the move, the software also lets ground-level salespeople track their commissions, territory, sales progress and goals. A lot of sales jobs these days require a fair bit of moving around, so being able to access that info and have it all updated in real-time is a solid asset to any sales-centric enterprise. For more info, check out Varicent’s site.

Patient-tracking app joins ISV


StethoscopeWe’ve got yet another addition to the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendor Alliance… today it’s Confidant, who make an app for mobiles which monitors, transmits and stores data relating to chronic disease, collected wirelessly from medical devices. Diabetes and obesity are their primary targets right now, with asthma and prescription dosage monitoring in the works, but it’s easy to see the far-reaching medical applications of this kind of platform. Confidant doesn’t just track and store information for the sake of making caregivers’ lives easier, but it also gives visualizations and feedback on health status so patients can see how they’re doing themselves. If that study looking at exactly this kind of patient care pans out, Confidant will have some good, hard numbers to back up their software.

How to make and send postcards from you Curve


PostcardThe newest addition to the Independent Software Vendors Alliance, Me Inc., is offering a free beta for their Shout Postcard service on BlackBerry. Shout Postcard makes postcards with pictures taken from your Curve or Treo, along with recorded voice notes and typed out messages, perfect for those snide “wish you were here” cards that you can send by e-mail right from the tropical beach. Now if you could send the newly-supported video clips too, you’d be set. If you’re interested in giving the beta a try, you can download it over the air at www.shoutpostcard.com/downloads/com_meinc_shout2.jad.

New photo sharing service joins ISV Alliance


iTTOMPSome bold souls have taken the iWhatever moniker to a new extreme with iTookThisOnMyPhone, a free photo-sharing service recently announced as a member of the BlackBerry Independent Software Vendors Alliance. The gist of the program is anyone on a major U.S. carrier can have the photos they snap with their BlackBerry Pearl or Curve automatically uploaded to iTTOMP’s web service, letting you share your pictures immediately and leaving the memory on your BlackBerry for other things. There’s no limit to how many pictures you can upload, but you better believe that you’ll be seeing it on your bill if you’re on anything short of an unlimited data plan. iTTOMP seems handy for the folks who take a lot of pictures, but I think I’d stick with the new Facebook photo sharing for now. Thanks for the heads up, Ronen!