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More BES 5.0 information revealed — release date, features


Longtime friends of BBCool, Simon Sage and Al Sacco, were at RIM’s media event in New York yesterday (we couldn’t attend because of a scheduling conflict, sigh) and both were able to grab more info on RIM’s upcoming BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5.0 – codenamed Argon. First to release dates, where RIM claimed a Q2 release date for BES 5.0. This may seem like lip service considering Argon was due to launch, oh, nine WES’ ago, but according to RIM, beta versions have been in the hands of companies for the last year, and in use internally for two, so I’m confident we’ll see it soon.

In addition, our boy Simon was able to grab an extended BES 5.0 feature set from what we posted yesterday – you can find it after the jump. If you’re still hungry for more Argon info, Al Sacco has written a great article on the Five (BES) 5.0 Features CIOs Need to Know About. As always, we’ll post more about Argon as we learn more.

BES 5.0 Extended Feature List

BES Admins: Port3101.org is your new home


Tomorrow is January 31st, or 31/01, if you prefer. Why is this day important? Well, if you’re a BES admin, it means that you have a new home on the Internet: Port3101.org. Port3101 is a forum community built by BES admins, for BES admins. And we’re not talking about just any BES admins, but industry luminaries (and occasionally BBCool contributers) like Jibi (give him a shout out for the great logo he designed! Based off of BBCool’s WES cards, true story) and NJ BlackBerry.

We’ve spent some time tooling around on Port3101, and we’re pretty impressed considering it doesn’t officially launch until tomorrow. There’s already a healthy following of contributors, and the Knowledge Base and 3101 sections are stacking up threads. It’s a little weird that the off-topic discussion area has the most posts by far, but we expect that to even out post-launch.

So check out Port3101.org and tell us what you think; we’ll be keeping a close eye on how it develops. Oh yeah, and for the newbs, Port 3101 is for outbound connections initiated by the BES to RIM’s SRP infrastructure – act like you know.


RIM releases patch for BES PDF security threat (BlackBerry Bytes)


RIM logoRIM released a security patch earlier this week to fix a security vulnerability related to the PDF distiller in the BES’ BlackBerry Attachment Service. If left unchecked, the vulnerability would allow malicious code to be hidden within a PDF attachment to cause memory corruption or execute commands on the BlackBerry.

The security threat affects BlackBerry Enterprise Server software version 4.1 Service Pack 3 (4.1.3) through 4.1 Service Pack 6 (4.1.6) and BlackBerry Professional Software 4.1 Service Pack 4 (4.1.4). BES admins, act now! Click the link below to read RIM’s security advisory.

Vulnerabilities in the PDF distiller of the BlackBerry Attachment Service for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server


REMINDER – BlackBerry Technical Seminar is Tomorrow!


RIM Developer Seminar

BlackBerry Cool was the first to tell you about RIM’s FREE Breaking New Ground: Fall ‘08 BlackBerry Technical Seminar a few weeks a go, and now we’re here to remind you that Breaking New Ground takes place TOMORROW from 9amET – 5pm ET. Here’s some of the Seminar’s highlights in case you’ve already forgotten.

    Mike Kirkup, RIM’s developer relations guru will provide a recap recap of the key presentations from the BlackBerry Developer Conference held in October
    “So You Want to Develop for BlackBerry Smartphones” on the Developer Agenda
    “Application Deployment, Security and Management Best Practices” on the Administrator Agenda

Breaking New Ground BlackBerry Technical Seminar — Register Now!
Full Breaking New Ground Developer Agenda
Full Breaking New Ground IT Administrator Agenda


Fraunhofer Institute SIT Certifies BlackBerry Enterprise Solution


Press Release

The Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology of Germany and RIM today announced the successful completion of an in-depth security analysis performed by Fraunhofer Institute SIT of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for mobile email and data push-services. Fraunhofer Institute SIT confirms the high quality of the security architecture of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution and the strong data protection services it provides.

Based on the results, the Fraunhofer Institute SIT project team has issued a security certification of the BlackBerry Enterprise Solution for Microsoft Exchange. The certificate is based on the functionality, configuration and installation described in certification report 06-104302, which is available at www.sit.fraunhofer.de/testlab/certificates. Fraunhofer Institute SIT also confirmed that no hidden functionality or backdoors were found and that RIM and other third parties do not have access to data within the solution. The Fraunhofer Institute SIT certificate is valid until December 2010.

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Rescue+Mobile now available for BlackBerry


We first gave you a sneak peak of Rescue+Mobile at CTIA in September, LogMeIn’s remote support tool for mobile platforms. LogMeIn has now announced that Rescue+Mobile is now available for BlackBerry.

You can learn more about Rescue+Mobile at the link below. Pricing and device support is available after the jump.

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile Features

LogMeIn Rescue+Mobile Pricing and Support