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Zenprise Announces MobileManager Version 6.0


zenprise architecture

Zenprise is a company we’ve been following for a long time on BlackBerryCool and they have recently launched 6.0 of their MobileManager product. The company’s product is a holistic approach to security for a company with support for multiple smartphones in their environment. In order to keep a company’s data safe, MobileManager offers IT the following security and management capabilities:
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RIM Hosting Sessions for IT Managers Looking to Embrace Employee Liable Smartphones


We have talked a few times about Employee Liable vs Corporate Liable smartphones. A corporate liable device is one that the company distributes and is responsible for the cost and maintenance of the device. Generally, this device is locked down and restricted, so as to minimize cost and security risks to the organization. An employee liable device is purchased by the employee, and brought into the organization. This device may or may not be compatible with the network, and it’s up to executive management and the IT department whether or not said device will be allowed.

It is widely reported that employee liable smartphones are on the rise, and in speaking with Ahmed Datoo of Zenrprise, we discussed the possibility that it could be largely attributed to the recession. Employee liable devices are less expensive than corporate liable devices, and while they may carry added headaches for IT, the need for cost cutting has given a large number of consumer smartphones the green light.
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WES 08 Interview: Mobile Governance Council


BBCoolWe had a chat with Chris Harold about his internal rollout of the Mobile Governance Council. It’s a private organization, but a very interesting way of establishing standards for IT setups. By determining what needs to be available from an internal smartphone rollout, such as remote wiping, availability, and all that jazz, Chris tells us how enterprise can outline their upcoming rollout. This kind of system also offers a way of solutions providers to squeeze their way into particular markets to solve specific problems. Take a listen!

Mobile Admin updated


Mobile AdminRove’s Mobile Admin has been bumped up to version 4.0, featuring a per user licensing system, which allows individual workers to access any number of servers from their BlackBerry. Aside from that, there’s also a new web interface that gives IT personnel access from remote computers, as well as Vista support. BES admins and anyone handling any kind of server would do well to check it out.

New software tracks BlackBerry text messaging


RetainTracking e-mail through a BES is easy enough, but SMS text messaging from a BlackBerry has been a little trickier for admins. GWAVA has just released Retain, a clientless archiving system that aims to solve the issue. It installs on your BES in a half hour, and will keep track of all PIN and SMS messages, as well as phone logs. This sounds like a solid option for enterprises that want to be ready for audits and enforce their IT policy with an iron fist.

Remote controlled BlackBerrys with B*Remote


bRemoteJosep spotted a link on the BlackBerry Forums to B*Remote, which is aimed to let admins and help desk operators fix BlackBerrys without having to haul the devices in. This way employees don’t have to show their shamed, clueless faces to the IT staff, and the IT staff don’t have to wrestle with walking them through fixing the problem. Everybody wins!